Thursday, October 31, 2019

Day 76 - Tucson, AZ

Back on Monday I mentioned that thorns punctured my rear tire. I removed the tire and tube and there must’ve been 40-50 in each tire. Late afternoon yesterday, the neighbor mentioned that he was running into town to the hardware store. I tagged along and picked up two tubes as well as a couple of patch kits from the bicycle shop next door to the hardware store. I had also ordered tubes on Amazon but their projected delivery date is in the beginning of December. BTW, the tubes from the local bike shop we’re about the same price as the ones from Amazon…

The grill/cantina here on the fairgrounds was open so I stopped by for lunch. Ordered the fish and chips as a change from what I’ve been making in the RV. Nothing fancy but deep fried something was a nice change. I rode around the fairgrounds a bit more just to make sure that the tire didn’t go flat again. There are a lot of RVs arriving today. I hear that it’s some sort of rally. It’s been pretty windy all day and I brought the living room slide in last night. 20mph with gusts to 30mph according to Weather Underground. But the wind now is already a lot less than it was last night.

At the other side of the fairgrounds, there were horses & riders practicing jumping under direction of a trainer. This was also the location of the coffee place advertised on signs around the fairgrounds.


  1. Yup, been there, done that....twice in the space of a couple of weeks....AZ thorns and inner tubes.

    1. The manufacturer of the tires claim “thorn proof”. So I didn’t think much about riding through the grass.

  2. Perhaps try some of that "rideon" stuff in the new tubes, see if it really works?