Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Squiggly has left the building...

I just retrieved Squiggly from its July resting place and will try and find a new home for it tomorrow. Thanks to a WIN walk, there were eight visitors. I am considering just posting one picture and the coordinates next time since Google Earth does such a great job pinpointing the location. I don't think the multiple pictures and textual description add much to the hunt. What do you think?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

StartWalking v4

Susan mentioned it in her blog entry earlier in the week. The first program was simply counting steps. Version 2 had us climbing Denali. Version 3 is biking across Europe. What could v4 be? We could be exploring Tibet or biking to Cabo. How about sailing around the world or walking around each of the Hawaiian islands. Maybe we could climb Kilimonjaro or walk across China. I wouldn't mind doing any of these things (actually, I've done one).

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Squiggly update

Today, I went down to lower campus for the WIN walk and no one showed up. I guess the walks are only meeting at west ridge for now. Anyway, I'm still managing to get in quite a bit of walking these days in spite of what I had said about walking being boring. I checked the July Squiggly cache on the way back from lower campus and so far, only one visitor! Only 5 more days to get in for the July drawing.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Walking is boring

I was catching up on some of the other blog entries and there was one that struck a chord. Walking is boring. I would extend that to say that exercise, in general, is boring especially if you are doing the same thing every time. I've been able to travel some for my job and that has at least changed the scenery. This afternoon, I walked on one of my walking loops that I have done many, many times. The view once I get to Eton Blvd. was as good as ever but all in all, the trip wasn't very exciting.

For now, walking is therapeutic. It is the one type of exercise that I can do. I'm on some medication that makes me nauseas and walking really helps the feeling pass, and I really do need to loose more weight anyway. I know it is kind of odd, but for me, walking on a treadmill while watching TV is more enjoyable than walking outside. The treadmill enables me to control my workout to stay right at my target heart rate. I just don't get the same level of exercise walking outside unless I'm walking uphill and eventually, I run out of hill. Oh well, we do what we gotta do. I should be used to "boring" by now....

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Chicago, IL

Sunday 7/15 - Today, we went into downtown Chicago to look around. We took a train into Union Station then walked around ending up at Navy Pier and the "Miracle Mile" shopping district. We weren't impressed with the shopping opportunities nor the amusement park on the pier (especially after Six Flags) so we headed back to the hotel. We did get in plenty of steps though, over 20000 just on our walking tour of downtown.

Monday 7/16 - Used the treadmill in the hotel to do some intervals and noticed that I wasn't able to go as far on it as I had been able to during the winter. I guess, walking outside isn't the same level of exercise. I had thought it was about the same. Went on a tour of portions of the Fermi Lab facility during the lunch break. It is an interesting place. All in all, still managed to get in a bunch of steps in spite of sitting for most of the day.

Tuesday 7/17 - Meetings ran until 9:30 this evening so I didn't get to the fitness room to walk but managed to walk some during the lunch break along one of the many bike trails at the lab.

Wednesday 7/18 - Continuous lightning, thunder and rain for almost an hour this evening along with a flood warning. I have never seen lightning like this before. It just lights up the whole sky. Had a long walk on the treadmill today as well as walking down the road to dinner so lots of steps.

Thursday 7/19 - Waiting around in the hotel lobby for our ride to the airport. Today may be a real low step day unless I get to walk a lot at the airport.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Providence, RI

I'm here teaching an IPv6 unicast workshop for I2. No pictures yet since we (my son came with me) haven't had much opportunity to explore. This evening, a couple of us went to Newport for dinner and afterwards, we drove through the area with all of the mansions. Didn't come across any good photo oportunities as it was getting dark. And it was only 8:30! The workshop ends on Wednesday so we'll have more opportunity to look around. Whenever I teach, I seem to pile up a bundle of steps and this time isn't any different. My hotel doesn't have a gym and it is way too humid to run outside so not as many steps as there could be.

Thursday 7/12 - Today I got qa ton of steps in since we went to a Six Flags over New England. My pedometer died mid-afternoon at over 26000 steps after getting soaked on a ride.

Friday 7/13 - Today, we explored Old Sturbridge Village and the year is 1832. Lots of actors and demonstrations and lots of walking. Just in the village, we walked almost 10 miles (on the gps). I remember seeing this place on the New Yankee Workshop and I would recommend it to anyone visiting the area.

Saturday 7/14 - Went to Mystic Seaport. Plenty to see, lots of walking, a bit too sunny and hot. I think between yesterday and today, my son has OD'd on educational material. Too many old buildings, museum like displays and people pretending that the year is something other than 2007.