Sunday, May 15, 2022

Brunswick, GA


Saturday - We had a wonderful dinner last night with my son and his fiance at a local restaurant called the Marshside Grill. It was right on the water and the oysters were fabulous.

Today's project has been brewing for a couple of weeks. This sliding storage tray is terrific but the RV frame hangs down in the middle so you can only stack things up on one side. The other side has our compressor refrigerator/freezer so this side was only partially usable. I put in a shelf to hold two bins which hold things used for water like the heated water hose and pressure water regulators. The water hose we are currently using gets stored underneath the bins on top of the folding table. The tray will slide out in this direction about a foot which is just enough. 

And, this is the first time in months when I could sit outside, in the afternoon, and enjoy a cup of hot tea!

Sunday - Today’s adventure was to St Simon’s Island just east of Brunswick. The lighthouse was at the narrow part of the inlet between St Simon’s and Jekyll Islands. There was a fishing pier along the walkway as well as a large playground and community pool.

This large tree was covering the picnic area. I’m not sure what kind of trees they are but they look old. 

We then headed north to look for public beach access and parking. 

Friday, May 13, 2022

Brunswick, GA

Thursday - This was our longest travel day since back in November at 4 hours. Lots of traffic and several slowdowns due to accidents. Including one that must of involved a truck carrying watermelons. They were all over the side of the road. 

We are at a private RV park for a week. The site is flat gravel with grass. It has a pool but no hot tub. It looks like the stereotypical older RV park that may have been a KOA before based on the A-frame office building. We arrived around 2:30 and mostly set up by 3:00. I still haven’t put out our mat and the awning as it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. 

Friday - A cool-ish day with partly overcast and some light rain. The pool is unheated but even today, it’s refreshing. When it’s hot, it would feel great. Today, at 3pm, the temperature is a very mild 75°F. 

This morning, I finished setting up things around the RV including the awning and the screen. Light winds ~8mph are forecasted for every afternoon for the week we are here. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Clermont, FL - TT

Tuesday - It feels like winter. (Just kidding) For the first time in months, both air conditioners were shut off last night. Windows opened and vent fans turned on. It is a nice break from the heat. 

Speaking of heat, the Raspberry Pi running as a DMR hotspot, was reporting processor temperatures around 170°F! Needless to say, that's on the hot side. The developer, Simo from, sent me another version to try out that is running a Raspberry Pi clone. I have it running in the same cabinet to see if it runs any cooler. Right now, the CPU is reporting 108.3°F but it's still early in the day.

Later - At 5:30pm, the hotspot is running at 131°F with the cabinet door closed. The inside of the cabinet is 110°F so it is running much cooler. 

Wednesday - Another nice, cool night and morning. Since we are heading out tomorrow morning, I checked fluid levels. 2½ quarts low on engine oil and about 1 cup of hydraulic fluid. The shop in GA said that the hydraulic motor operating the radiator cooling fan has a slow leak and over the last couple of thousand miles, I’ve added about 2 quarts. 

Monday, May 9, 2022

Propane Mod

After giving up on the local hardware stores, I resorted to order the fittings to add a propane quick connect to our refrigerator line. Two 3/8” flare elbows, one 3/8” flare coupler, one tee with two 3/8” flare and a 1/4” NPT, and one 1/4” NPT elbow. 

This is in addition to the quick connect with 12’ of hose and the connector for the Blackstone Griddle. Right now, I have the hose going into the refrigerator space through one of the vents but I’m not sure if my preferred solution. Now to try this out with the roast I’ve had in the sous vide for the last 23hours. 

A coolish morning at 70°F so we have the windows open and vent fans in for the first time in a while. At 11am, it was still just 77°F and the scattered clouds and light breeze made for a nice morning. The pool was quiet this morning.

I’m still paranoid about all of those fittings so I will be checking for leaks on a regular basis.