Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Rainbow Springs, FL

Wednesday - We went to Rainbow Springs for some hiking. There was a swimming area and the water was crystal clear. The hike went to a couple of falls and just wound around the trees. 

Here is one of the man made waterfalls that are in the state park. 
We ended up walking around four miles. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Crystal River - AirBnB

Sunday - Still raining today. Occasionally, very heavy rain. But it's supposed to be nice for the rest of the week. 

This afternoon, we went to Homosassa, a small town to the south. At 56°F, it’s kind of cold to be out wandering along the water. We stopped at the Shed at MacRae’s of Homosassa as they had some live music. It was pretty crowded as most of their seating was outside. 

Right now, I’m further down the dock at some benches outside of a small shop. 

 - Clear and sunny today. This afternoon, we drove out to Fort Island Beach just a short drive from the town of Crystal River.

 - Todays adventure was to Tarpon Springs about an hour south. Kind of near Tampa. There is a large Greek community from sponge diving. Of course, the first stop was the Greek pastry shop. We had a chocolate cannoli and coffee. 

I’m sitting out the next adventure, a boat ride looking for wildlife. I’ll pass on the chance to get sea sick. 🤢 As the boat was planning to go out to the Gulf of Mexico before turning around. 

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Crystal River, FL - AirBnB

Saturday - We arrived around 5:30 due to a couple of accidents just a little north of the town of Crystal River. The WiFi at the AirBnB is pretty decent as is the house itself. It has a pool, hot tub, dock, kayaks, bicycles, and a huge kitchen. 

Saturday - It is supposed to be raining today and tomorrow but nice for the rest of the week. There has been a lot of planning going on with too many activities to do in only one week. This afternoons priority was to find a good cup of coffee. We did at Cattle Dog Coffee in downtown Crystal Springs. 

We wandered around town checking out all of the little shops. Nice town. 

The hot tub at the AirBnB is pretty nice. It’s under a canopy so no problem using it in the rain. 

Manatees are the big attraction here. 

Friday, February 16, 2024

Road Trip

Thursday - A long travel day. Google says that it was 18 hours from Hondo to our destination in Florida. 

We headed due east through San Antonio and Houston before entering Louisiana. I never realized that we were around the same latitude as New Orleans. We stopped in Slidell, La, after driving around 600 miles. Slidell is a bit over the half way point. Hopefully, we’ll get an early start tomorrow. 

 - We got an early start as we will lose an hour on today’s drive. I heard that the Blue Angels are based out of Pensacola, FL, and this display is at the Welcome Center. Bridget picked up a lot of tourist brochures to help the group decide what we are going to be doing. 

Today’s drive is about 525 miles. Less than yesterday but still lots of time sitting in the car. Google says that we will arrive around 5pm.