Wednesday, October 24, 2007

45 minutes without stopping!

On Monday, I ran for 45 minutes on the treadmill. Just increased the speed by a 1/10th of a mph from a week ago. Right now I am in Barrow and debating whether or not to go for a walk (since I really don't feel well). Yesterday, the clinic gave me three shots and it has really made me drag last night. I tried walking on the treadmill but after only a 1/2 mile, I was done. We have a two day meeting starting at 8:00 am tomorrow so I don't know how much exercise I'll get later on.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

No motivation

Did a bit of walking today as well as ran a couple of miles on the treadmill. I'm still managing well more than 10k steps per day but I've noticed that I haven't been maintaining the same pace as when the StartWalking program was in place without the website to log steps. I have started logging miles on the Nike+ site but only actual exercise sessions not the day-to-day walking. I guess it has got me to try running since it shows information such as fastest mile, 5k, etc. That pushes me to try upping the treadmill speed a little each time. I'm running about over 100 miles/month so maybe I'll be able to run some 10k's next summer. Now that would really be an accomplishment!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Back in Fairbanks

After a lot of time sitting in airports and on planes yesterday, we are back home. My son, Kyle, did well in Ottawa at the Open North American coming home with a 1st in patterns and a 2nd in sparring. It seems like a long way to go for a tournament but I guess international experience is part of the advancement process and I think he both enjoyed it and learned a lot. I did get some jogging in using the treadmill at the hotel as well as walking during the layover at the Chicago airport. I didn't walk all of the terminals but did manage about 5 miles. I'm still amazed at the size of O'Hare.

I didn't get much walking in today. I ran on the treadmill for a couple of miles this evening but really felt run down. Too much sitting around today plus I didn't get home last night until almost 2:00am.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Waiting in Chicago

I arrived at the Chicago airport at 12:15 this afternoon. My son, Kyle, is arriving at 6:30 pm from Fairbanks and we are continuing on to Ottawa, ON at 9:00 or so this evening. Suffice to say that I have a lot of time in the Chicago airport to get some walking in. So far, I've walked 14 miles and I'm taking a break. At least I'm catching up a bit for the last couple of days at the I2 member meeting. Didn't get enough walking in. Yesterday evening was spent at the Shedd Aquarium after spending the afternoon getting blown away with technology at UCSD and SDSC. Must be nice to well funded.

After posting this, I'll wander down to terminal 2 and check the Air Canada status board to at least to see what gate we'll be flying out of. Or maybe, I'll just sit here and wait until my feet don't feel tired anymore.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

San Diego

It has been a year since I started really doing a lot of walking. About a year ago, I was attending a conference on Enterprise Architecture in San Diego and made a point of walking everywhere. In fact, I stayed miles away from the conference hotel just to force me to walk. Now, I am at the Internet2 member meeting, again, in San Diego. I'm not getting much walking in since the room and the conference center are only about 1/2 mile apart. There is a large outdoor mall across the San Diego River next to the hotel, so I walked around the mall yesterday before dinner. Interesting mall design. Just like an enclosed mall without the roof. I guess the weather must be nice all the time. Apple iPhones are everywhere here at the meeting. At the summit meeting yesterday, about 1/2 of the attendees had iPhones. Maybe the multimedia focus of the group created anomalous numbers.

Yesterday, I attended an IPTV summit where the discussion was centered around whether I2 should get into the "business" of an aggregator of entertainment (channels) for colleges, universities, and K12. Interesting discussions. I will probably be teaching an I2 IPv4 Multicast Workshop next month at Georgia Tech. I haven't been to Atlanta for years...

9:30 pm - Didn't get much walking in at all today. They charge a membership fee to use the exercise room and by the time I got back from dinner, it was too dark to wander around. Tomorrow is demos in the afternoon at the UCSD campus including a tour of the CALIT2 facility. It has a theater that can project 4k lines of resolution and a cave (immersive environment) powered by 15 HD projectors. I thought about walking to the campus but there just isn't enough time...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Actually jogged today

Until now, I occasionally did intervals i.e. jogged for a while then walked after my heart rate went too high then jogged again after recovery. Today, I tried something differant. I gradually sped up until my heart rate was aerobic but not too high. I found a comfortable speed to jog at. It's slower than when I did intervals but I was able to jog for half an hour. For anyone that runs, this may seem a bit lame but for me, this is great. I haven't been able to jog or run for 25 years. I'm a little sore now since I didn't stretch when done but no sore joints, shins, feet or whatever else that prevented me from running in the past. By the way, this was on a treadmill so I could easily control my environment. It was a good day...

Friday 10/05/07 - Went for a walk on the West Ridge ski trails today and all of the puddles are now frozen solid (no more wet feet!) and very few people were out. I walked most of the loops and trails to see where they went and which ones had lights. A nice brisk walk in the woods.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Now that it's over...

Walking has become part of my routine as I'm still doing about 10 miles per day with no extraordinary effort. It seems that I'll jump at just about any opportunity to walk somewhere, especially on campus. Going to lower campus is usually good for at least a couple of miles. In addition, I still seem to need a walk after lunch and dinner (it really feels like a need not a want).