Tuesday, October 9, 2007

San Diego

It has been a year since I started really doing a lot of walking. About a year ago, I was attending a conference on Enterprise Architecture in San Diego and made a point of walking everywhere. In fact, I stayed miles away from the conference hotel just to force me to walk. Now, I am at the Internet2 member meeting, again, in San Diego. I'm not getting much walking in since the room and the conference center are only about 1/2 mile apart. There is a large outdoor mall across the San Diego River next to the hotel, so I walked around the mall yesterday before dinner. Interesting mall design. Just like an enclosed mall without the roof. I guess the weather must be nice all the time. Apple iPhones are everywhere here at the meeting. At the summit meeting yesterday, about 1/2 of the attendees had iPhones. Maybe the multimedia focus of the group created anomalous numbers.

Yesterday, I attended an IPTV summit where the discussion was centered around whether I2 should get into the "business" of an aggregator of entertainment (channels) for colleges, universities, and K12. Interesting discussions. I will probably be teaching an I2 IPv4 Multicast Workshop next month at Georgia Tech. I haven't been to Atlanta for years...

9:30 pm - Didn't get much walking in at all today. They charge a membership fee to use the exercise room and by the time I got back from dinner, it was too dark to wander around. Tomorrow is demos in the afternoon at the UCSD campus including a tour of the CALIT2 facility. It has a theater that can project 4k lines of resolution and a cave (immersive environment) powered by 15 HD projectors. I thought about walking to the campus but there just isn't enough time...

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