Thursday, October 11, 2007

Waiting in Chicago

I arrived at the Chicago airport at 12:15 this afternoon. My son, Kyle, is arriving at 6:30 pm from Fairbanks and we are continuing on to Ottawa, ON at 9:00 or so this evening. Suffice to say that I have a lot of time in the Chicago airport to get some walking in. So far, I've walked 14 miles and I'm taking a break. At least I'm catching up a bit for the last couple of days at the I2 member meeting. Didn't get enough walking in. Yesterday evening was spent at the Shedd Aquarium after spending the afternoon getting blown away with technology at UCSD and SDSC. Must be nice to well funded.

After posting this, I'll wander down to terminal 2 and check the Air Canada status board to at least to see what gate we'll be flying out of. Or maybe, I'll just sit here and wait until my feet don't feel tired anymore.

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