Monday, June 10, 2024

Getting Rid of Junque

Saturday - Got some of my bigger items sold before the garage sale. The air compressor and air tools, a working 2,000-watt generator (plus one that I couldn't start)), a folding aluminum ladder, a glider rocker, a bunch of random tools, and auto servicing stuff.  We also hauled some more stuff to storage.

Sunday - Today, I moved most of the furniture out of our bedroom to either the upstairs bedroom or the garage. The oak desk and large dresser went out through the sliding glass door and the backyard. There was no way I was going to get up the stairs. Both the desk and dresser I’ve had since before moving to Alaska and I must have hauled them up at some point. I really don’t remember when.

My Apple Watch says my heart rate peaked at 180 while moving the dresser up the hill. But recovery time was only a couple of minutes. Not too bad. But I’m pretty exhausted now. Too bad we only have one car, which is in Anchorage today. Hot Licks sounds pretty good around now…

I did get in over 10K steps and climb 41 flights of stairs (according to Apple).

Monday - After yesterday’s effort, I thought I’d do something a little different. I dug out my 50 year old touring bike. I aired up the tires, checked the brakes and cables, and my only helmet here was the one I purchased around 1975. My other helmet is in the RV. So I donned the 49 year old helmet and headed for Beaver Sports for a helmet. Not a long ride but 8.5miles isn’t bad for me.

The bike works fantastic. Easy to shift and rolls effortlessly downhill though the uphill “engine” needs a lot more work. But I can just downshift and plug along. Or walk…

Friday, June 7, 2024

Puttering Around

Sunday - After church, there was a fundraiser for the short-term mission trip to Ethiopia. I was volunteered to help cook burgers on a flattop griddle. Something within my ability. We made around 150 burgers and almost that many hot dogs. I think they reached their fundraising goal. 

The only other task was dismantling the propane half of the grill. It was a nice unit that had both a propane and a charcoal half’s. But it is showing its age with a lot of rusted areas. Since there is an almost full bag of charcoal in the garage, I’ll keep the charcoal half until we run out of time or charcoal. 

Monday - More de-cluttering and getting things ready for the upcoming garage sale. Sorting what goes to storage and what gets sold. As well as a lot going to the landfill. What causes us to keep all of this junk?

As it was the first Monday of the month, there was a BMW Airhead get-together aka barley therapy. We met at Brian’s home and enjoyed some good discussions. Brian is another sidecar rider and has a Ural sidecar on his BMW R60. 

Tuesday - We met the group for coffee this morning at ACRC then hit Costco and Fred Meyer for some groceries. It wasn't a lot of groceries but still hit close to $200. Food is ridiculously expensive in AK. 

Wednesday - I hate garage sales. I'm almost inclined to just toss anything we don't want to keep. So much junk...

Thursday - We had long-time friends over and it allowed me to do a little cooking. That always makes for a good day. I was going to say "old friends" but I resemble that description. We had some ribs, potato salad, grilled broccoli, and turkey burgers. They brought watermelon and cookies. It was wonderful to visit with them as we had been friends since the early 80s when we were all students at the university.

 - Still pushing along trying to get things filtered down. I keep running into things I want to keep. Kind of sad...

We spent the evening at a U-Park retiree gathering. I made a deconstructed California roll for our contribution. It came out pretty good. There were some familiar faces including the hosts as I had worked with him for years at the university.