Sunday, June 16, 2024

RV Travel Review

Sunday - The days will continue to get longer for a couple more days then the rapid decent towards winter begins. I had a nice walk to church this morning but got a ride back up the hill. My back is still sore from moving things around. 

And just because it's hard to keep track of our travel, I thought about a summary post.

May 2017 - Drive truck to Washington. Set up the 5th wheel with batteries, solar, transfer switch, RV Lock, LED lights, camera, etc. Northern California, truck repair in Redding, Yosemite, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Moab, Capital Reef, Pikes Peak, Glacier, Helena, Salt Lake City, and Sun River. Drive back to Fairbanks w/RV in July. This was our “practice retirement” trip to see if we like traveling in an RV. About 2.5 months.

June 2018 - Drive RV to PNW with Talon. Store RV at TT Sun River. Drive back to Fairbanks through Vancouver, BC, where we attended a family reunion. About 1.5 months.

September 2018 - Drive truck from Fairbanks to Sun River to pick up the RV. Head to the Oregon coast, Northern California, Yosemite, Needles, and Benson. Store RV in Benson, truck in Tucson. Fly to Fairbanks in November. About 3 months.

January 2019 - Fly back and pick up the truck and RV. Head west to Quartzsite and Quartzfest, Needles Marina (short stay), Joshua Tree, Disneyland, Menifee, Oregon coast, family reunion, Helena, and tow RV to Fairbanks in May. About 5 months.

August 2019 - Drive Prius to Oregon, fly to GA to pick up the motorhome and drive it back to Oregon. Head east through Utah to Zion, Las Vegas, Page, Grand Canyon, Benson, Tucson, Quartzsite, Needles (month stay), now 2020, El Paso, Big Bend, southern TX, northern TX, (Covid), Casa Grande, Pendleton, Oregon coast, southern WA, eastern Oregon, Pahrump, northern Texas, Houston, Harlingen, Carlsbad, Benson, Acton (CA),  Centralia. Store RV. Prius to AK on the ferry in May, 2021. About 21 months.

September 2021 - Fly to Washington to pick up the RV. Head east and south to Albuquerque for the balloon festival. Then east through Oklahoma, Tennessee, South Carolina, to Florida. Pick up the Jeeps in December. Five months in Florida. Left FL in June 2022. North to GA, SC, NC, Tennessee, towards San Antonio. RV was in the shop for a month with a major oil leak. Head for Tucson in August, 2022. Stay in Tucson for four months. In January 2023, head for Yuma and Quartzsite. We went back to Tucson for two months. Then north through Nevada to Centralia. Drive Jeep to Fairbanks. About 20 months.

July 2023 - Head south with the Ural on a trailer. Stop in Helena to store the Ural for a couple of months. Then on to Centralia to pick up the RV. Seaside, Corvallis, Leavenworth, Aspen Crossing, Yellowstone, Helena, Nebraska. The motorhome was towed to Cheyenne for engine replacement. In November, 2023, I picked up the motorhome and drove it to Hondo, TX.

December 2023 - Jeep road trip to Minnesota. 

January 2024 - Jeep road trip to Oklahoma

February 2024 - Jeep road trip to Florida

May 2024 - Fly to Outer Banks. Then drive to Centralia, WA. Fly to Fairbanks. About 10 months.

We lived and traveled ~62 months in an RV over the past 7 years. Thats ~72% of the time. If you don’t count the first “practice retirement” trip in 2017, then it’s around 82%. 


  1. Hi Richard,
    That's a lot of time on the road. One of the execs from my old company and his wife have been continuously on the road now for at least 2 decades which is pretty impressive. Is that what you guys are planning to do? I seem to have missed what you're up to!

  2. You were making good use of your RV, RichardM. Our little camper van is sitting idle far too often in his garage... our only excuse: we gotta work. Keep on rolling! Cheers, SonjaM

  3. Quite the summary! I'm thinking RV life suits ya.

    1. More so than the “sticks and bricks” life.