Saturday, June 15, 2024

More Junk...

Tuesday - I rode the bike to morning coffee at ACRC and it was a lot more tiring than yesterday. Sore arms and shoulders more than anything else. After coffee, DaveR gave me a ride back home. Especially nice since it had started to rain, which wasn't in the forecast. 

I sorted through more of my junk and hauled my bins of "must keep" to the garage. I'll go through all the junk at least one more time before committing it all to storage. I did find some things that I thought were lost such as the special USB cable to program the PDM60 (power distribution module) on the Ural. It's been missing for years.

Friday - Participated in the morning and afternoon test sessions. The sessions give me a break from moving things around. Hauling stuff around the house is a real pain (literally) especially if books are involved. There must be at least eight feet of cookbooks. I remember picking up most of them as they looked really interesting at the time. These days, most recipes are found using Google searches and most of these books haven't been touched in at least a decade. 

More things are leaving, one way or the other, than are being put into storage. That's a good thing. 

Saturday - Garage Sale #1 of ?  So much stuff to get rid of.

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