Monday, June 10, 2024

Getting Rid of Junque

Saturday - Got some of my bigger items sold before the garage sale. The air compressor and air tools, a working 2,000-watt generator (plus one that I couldn't start)), a folding aluminum ladder, a glider rocker, a bunch of random tools, and auto servicing stuff.  We also hauled some more stuff to storage.

Sunday - Today, I moved most of the furniture out of our bedroom to either the upstairs bedroom or the garage. The oak desk and large dresser went out through the sliding glass door and the backyard. There was no way I was going to get up the stairs. Both the desk and dresser I’ve had since before moving to Alaska and I must have hauled them up at some point. I really don’t remember when.

My Apple Watch says my heart rate peaked at 180 while moving the dresser up the hill. But recovery time was only a couple of minutes. Not too bad. But I’m pretty exhausted now. Too bad we only have one car, which is in Anchorage today. Hot Licks sounds pretty good around now…

I did get in over 10K steps and climb 41 flights of stairs (according to Apple).

Monday - After yesterday’s effort, I thought I’d do something a little different. I dug out my 50 year old touring bike. I aired up the tires, checked the brakes and cables, and my only helmet here was the one I purchased around 1975. My other helmet is in the RV. So I donned the 49 year old helmet and headed for Beaver Sports for a helmet. Not a long ride but 8.5miles isn’t bad for me.

The bike works fantastic. Easy to shift and rolls effortlessly downhill though the uphill “engine” needs a lot more work. But I can just downshift and plug along. Or walk…

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