Wednesday, June 26, 2024

New Septic System

Tuesday - Work continues on the new septic system. The tank arrived first thing in the morning followed by several dump truck loads of rock. They needed to move a lot of dirt to get the leach field at the right grade. 

 - So far, four dump truckloads of rock for the leach field. The area for the rock is in the next picture. That's quite a pile of rock. The contractor said 35 yd3 were needed for a four-bedroom house. The fifth bedroom is not "legal" as the bottom of the window is too far from the floor. And the window is too small.

This is looking uphill towards the house. The tank is buried at this point and they are just starting on the leach field, which is where all of the rock is headed. 

Progress. They started moving rock into the leach field. It'll take quite a few trips from the rock pile to the leach field.

Pretty smoky today but not as bad as it was a few days ago. This is looking southwest towards the University from the neighbors' lot.

Thursday - The contractor has backhoe issues (the engine keeps going into regen). They had a mobile tech out here with his computer for most of the morning but I think they are bringing out a different machine tomorrow. Meanwhile, the septic system is mostly done but there is still a huge pile of rock next to the garage. 

I rode my bicycle this morning to coffee followed by heading across town to the old Fred Meyer location. About 10 miles in total. 


  1. Septic tanks are quite the endeavor!

    1. Yes they are. But around here, it’s about the only option…