Saturday, June 29, 2024

Maybe Done…

Friday - The septic contractor brought another machine this morning and I think that they are finished. The small loader is still here in the driveway so I’m not sure if everything is done. 

 - The never-ending garage sale continues. At least it isn’t too smoky and the temperature is a very pleasant 71°F. Several large items sold and some things, such as the snow blower, will probably just be left with the house. 

We also had a couple of high school boys come by to move some heavy furniture and the refrigerator. A contractor will be here working on the floor, rear deck, and drywall repair. 


  1. We had a main water line replaced a few years ago, the contractor left his backhoe in our driveway for so long that I finally told him I was going to list it for sale... haha... we were good friends so he (at last!) got the hint and moved it. I have a garage, a large RV parking spot, and tools if you're passing through northern Ut and need anything (including just a place to stop and dinner with semi-pleasent company!

    1. The skid-steer was gone this morning. There were a lot of questions about it at yesterday’s garage sale. Thank you for the offer. We don’t plan very far in advance these days.

  2. Will you plant grass seed to keep the dug up soil from washing away?