Tuesday, July 2, 2024

More Packing

Monday - We took more boxes of photos and albums to storage. The good thing is that it’s still looks there is plenty of room. There is still too much stuff in the garage. I scattered some grass seed on the leach field but it had been raining for most of the morning so no opportunity to even rake the area. It’s supposed to be wet and cool for most of the week so, hopefully, the seeds will be able to germinate and take root. 

The original timeline was that we would be all done and leaving town tomorrow. That is not the case and it is very depressing to me. I am so done with this whole thing…

Later - I went to the monthly Airhead get together and I’m feeling a whole lot better. We are getting a ride to the airport tomorrow so we’ll be trying out the battery shutdown setup I installed last week. The 12V battery will run down due to all of the electronic systems the car leaves running. So I installed a relay to cut off all 12V power except to the relay, which draws only 3ma.

Tuesday - Flying south…