Monday, July 8, 2024

Port Angeles, WA

Sunday - We caught the ferry to Port Townsend and saved a lot of miles. And, we didn’t have to deal with Seattle traffic. 

It was a quick 35 minute trip. After disembarking, we headed to the Olympic National Park visitors center to get a recommendation on what to see if pressed for time. They gave us several suggestions and some maps. 

This is Port Townsend. The area looks vaguely familiar as I had been here several times but I would have difficulty finding my way around. 

We are now at a motel in Port Angeles recovering from the very hectic past few days. 

Steak and bleu cheese salad. Delicious. Followed up with an ice cream cone for dessert.  (No ice cream photo)

 - Today, we headed to the coast towards Rialto Beach. This is just within Olympic National Park. The rocky beach was nice and as long as we were near the water, the temperature was cool. (Mid-60s)

We also visited the largest cedar and the largest Sitka Spruce (pictured). These were a little inland and the temperature jumped into the low 90s. It went up and down all day. 

We ended up in Ocean Shores at a hotel that just changed ownership. The sign did not reflect the new name. But it was a great deal for a really nice room.

Tomorrow, we head to Corvallis. 

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