Wednesday, July 3, 2024

An Adventure

Wednesday - Up before 7am today. I’m packing the Jeep for the next several weeks which include a wedding, a reunion, and some travel around the Olympic Peninsula. In addition to the normal stuff, the Blackstone, propane cylinders, butane burner and fuel, some cooking utensils, electrical repair tools, hand tools, ?. I’m sure I’m forgetting something.

The key thing for me, is that it nothing to do with the house in Fairbanks. A contractor is working on repairs while we are gone. 

We drove north through Seattle to Anacortes. We arrived in town several hours before the check-in time so we had lunch at a bar and grill right next to Anthony’s seafood restaurant. I had the oyster po’ boy. It was delicious. 

While driving through Everett, WA, we spotted some friends from New York that we had met in Tucson. What are the chances of that! This is the photo they took of us while passing in the highway.

We spent yesterday evening at a pot luck barbecue hosted by the bride’s parents. A beautiful home on a lake. 


  1. that's a good pic of you with that po' seem happy.

    1. Not working on the house! A good reason to be happier…