Friday, July 31, 2020

Day 177 - Cannon Beach, OR

Today’s venture was to Cannon Beach which is the next town south from Seaside. One of the first stops was the Cannon Beach Bakery for some coffee and a cheese danish. Actual espresso coffee has been a novelty over the last couple of months so I take advantage of it when I can get it.

We then headed to the beach which was just a short walk from the bakery. The dominant feature of Cannon Beach is Haystack Rock which seems to be where a lot of people are gathered. It’s foggy but not cold. Somewhere around 60°F with just a very light breeze. I stopped after around ¾ mile to avoid the “heavier” crowds up ahead. There really aren’t that many people. It just feels that way compared to most other areas.

The tide is almost at its highest point for the day (5.14 ft at 12:09pm according to my Apple Watch). It’s nice to sit on the warm sand listening to and smelling the ocean. When I stopped at the bakery earlier to have my coffee and danish, the first thing I noticed when I removed the mask was the ocean smell. The mask kind of blocks it. Today, the smell of the ocean was even better than the bakery.

After a wonderful lunch of clam chowder, crab and shrimp cocktail, we headed back to the RV. It’s Friday afternoon so the traffic was heavy in Cannon Beach and heading into Seaside. I don’t think there are plans to go anywhere over the weekend. 

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Day 176 - Lewis and Clark Nat'l Historic Park

This morning, we headed north to Fort Clatsop located just south of Warrenton. I think that this is the first National Park that we've been to since Big Bend back in January. We've passed several National Monuments over the last few months but they were closed. The visitor's center was open so we were able to get a sticker for the National Park Passport but the stamps themselves were put away due to Covid-19.

We walked out to the fort which was basically a winter encampment with four bunkrooms plus a kitchen area and the commander's quarters. What is shown here is a reconstruction as none of the original structure survived. It is located about 5 miles (straight line distance) from the ocean and a few hundred yards from the Netul River.

We took the trail to the Netul River Landing which was about a mile upriver from the fort. All along the river were these pilings and I initially wondered why they needed so many docks. It turns out that they are there to temporarily contain logs when they were unloaded from trucks. The logs were sorted while floating in the river then bundled together into large rafts which were floated downriver to a lumber mill.

It was an interesting way to spend the day. To the right is a shot of the open visitor's center. It was only 72°F but the shaded trail was appreciated after just a short time of walking in the sun. I think we are getting spoiled by the coastal weather.

After returning to Seaside, we stopped at the outlet mall and I picked up Gore-Tex jacket at 50% off from the Eddie Bauer store. For the last year of traveling, the only rain jacket I had was my old First Gear motorcycle jacket. Completely functional and still waterproof but kind of overkill as a rain jacket. Plus, no hood. We will be at Seaside TT for another week before heading south to another TT near Newport.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Day 173, 174, 175 - E-biking around Seaside - TT

Monday (173) - We rode the e-bikes out to the promenade aka concrete walk/bike path along the beach. Just in front of the last row of houses before the sand. There were few places where we could actually see the water and the fog and overcast sort of seeing much. The weather today is definitely not like yesterday.

In some areas, there were quite a few people. Most following the social distancing and mask rules. It looked like the aquarium was open though they were limiting the number of guests inside at any one time. Mo’s seafood restaurant was open for take-out only unlike the one that we saw earlier. It looks like many of the cottages along the beach were available as rentals and I saw one for sale for $1M.

We also stopped at the salt works, a historical site where sea water was boiled for the salt. The salt was needed for food preservation and this location was far enough from the mouth of the Columbia River to minimize fresh water reducing the salinity. This site was only a half block from the promenade. The number of people on the promenade sort of reduced the bike riding enjoyment for me but Bridget enjoyed the ride.

Tuesday (174) - Bridget had an appointment in Warrenton today. I needed a few things like another tube of Dicor self-leveling roof sealant and a 3 amp USB charger. My Mophie Qi pad stopped working a few weeks ago. The AC “brick” is 3amps @5VDC which is significantly higher than the USB standard.

Later - Neither Home Depot or Fred Meyer has any self-leveling sealant. And it’s been unavailable on Amazon for quite a while. I guess I need to look for an RV store again. That’s where I picked up the last couple of tubes of Dicor sealant.

We didn’t get back until around 4:30 so we had dinner at Pig ‘N Pancake and I had some delicious, very lightly battered fried oysters with some Boston clam chowder. Afterwards, we wandered around the touristy part of town including the Carousel Mall.

Wednesday (175) - This morning, we visited (social distancing) with another couple who is also on RVillage and Nomads Near Me, two RV-centric social networking sites. I think I ended up talking to them for a couple of hours. He had posted that by diet he was able to become no longer type-2 diabetic. I had wanted to talk to him about that.

We then headed out to Hug Point State Recreation Area which is 14 miles south of here. The parking lot was full but we found a spot along the side of the highway a few hundred yards away. It was a short walk to the beach. Groups were sort of keeping to themselves and it really wasn’t that crowded. But given the parking situation, this must be about “normal”.

There are remnants of an old wagon road along the coast. I’m guessing that this may be part of that. We heard that there were still traces of the wagon wheels tracks but I’m not sure about that. It is a pretty cool location.

Looking north from the point... And the Verizon here was extremely fast. Six pictures uploaded in about 20 seconds. Hard to believe. The tide is out but it was just starting to come back in.

This cave went far enough that there wasn’t any light. I could hear people in the darkness. I’m not sure how far it went.

 Really nice beach!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Day 170, 171, 172 - Seaside, OR - TT

Friday (170) - We had arrived here shortly after noon which is just after the checkout time. After we arrived, we saw quite a few RVs driving through looking for a site so I’m glad we arrived early. I had wanted to find a site on the north half of the park since they are all 50amp electric. Granted, we probably won’t need to run the A/C very often but Sunday is supposed to be almost 80°F. Plus it is so convenient to not need to be concerned about what is running at any given time. E.G. Heat pump, water heater, dryer, convection oven all at the same time, no problem. With a 30amp connection, you need to pick one or the electric management system on the RV will pick one for you.

We needed to get some fuel and after months of using the TSD Logistics program, it was almost painful to pay full price for diesel. It was $2.79/gal at a Sinclair station outside of the farmers co-op bldg. $75 for 26+ gallons which only got us to half tank. Oh well. It’s enough for now. There are few, if any, truck stops along Hwy 101. And no TSD Logistics partner stations until we get back to I-5. Just for reference, the TA in Coburg was $1.67/gal using the discount program. When you purchase 50-80 gallons at a time, it’s significant.

This morning, we explored the town of Seaside a bit with the car and discovered that there are a lot of  places near the beach to park. There is also a long, paved walkway along the beach for bicycles. You just need to battle the narrow roads between the campground and the beach. We also went north to the much larger town of Warrenton to restock on groceries at the Walmart. The majority of the shoppers and all of the employees wore masks but ignore the direction arrows in the aisles. But we are set for groceries for the next week or so.

Saturday (171) - Nice and sunny today though it’s barely 60°F. I went for a walk through both sides of the park and I don’t think that there is a single open site. The paper showing the checkout date indicates that most are only here for the weekend.

I dug our the e-bikes for the first time since Lake Texoma. All the tires needed some air. Bridget found a nice bike ride map for the area identifying stops along the route. I think most of it is along a dedicated bike path along the beach. I think the plan is to wait until after the weekend.

I think I like this TT much better than Chehalis or Pacific City. Not much of a view but level sites and everything works. We are only here for two weeks as that is the maximum as it is one of the most popular within the system. I think the next one in Newport, OR, is also limited to two weeks. When we checked in at Pacific City, the host mentioned that there was a 220 day/year limit with TT. That turned out to be misinformation. According to our contract, there is no limit on the number of days.

Sunday (172) - It’s 81°F. An ideal time to work on the roof. I had ordered another 50’ of Eternabond tape to put over the aging Dicor. I had sealed the seam between the front cap and the roof while in Chehalis but hadn’t put Dicor along the edges of the tape as it needed to be above 70°F according to the instructions. Today qualified.

I also dragged Bridget up for another set of eyes looking for potential leaks. The picture on the right is the front seam after the Dicor was put on. By tomorrow, it’ll be level, smooth and much more even. But it was hot up there. It’s nice to just sit outside.

We did find out that if you pay for an annual site, you can only live there 220 days. Not sure what that’s about...

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Day 169 - Seaside, OR - TT

Thursday (169) - This morning we headed north from the Pacific City TT to the Seaside TT which was about two hours away. The RV still smoked when started and I’m waiting for a call back. We will be closer to Coburg in a couple of weeks. BTW, I’m more disappointed than upset.

Here at Seaside, we have 50 amp electrical, water and sewer. No trees and it’s more RV park than campground but that’s okay. At least we can run everything and not be concerned about tripping breakers. Plus, use as much water (including hot water) without filling up tanks.

Everything is still shut down so no activity or amenities. We’ve been able to run several loads of laundry without a sewer connection as the combo washer-dryer seems to use about 10gal water per load. A couple of weeks ago it used about double that but I believe the power problem caused the washer to “reset”. It would drain the water and restart the cycle. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Day 167, 168 - Back to Pacific City - TT

Tuesday (167) - Mornings are pretty nice on the backyard deck. It’s only 75°F at 10 though today’s high is forecast to be in the high 80s (°F).

Later - Around 4pm we will be heading back to Freightliner Northwest in Coburg, OR, to pick up the RV. They said it no longer smokes and seems to run much better. Easier to start. They said that power and mileage should improve. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday (168) - The coach wasn’t finished as they neglected to replace the air cleaner. We didn’t leave until around 6:30pm. We arrived back at the Pacific City TT around 9:20 which was after sunset. Bridget had gone ahead and found a site and she used the GMRS radio to let me know which site. We also used the radios while traveling to Coburg as they still work without cell signal. This was the first time I set up in the dark but no problem. We are now only a handful of spaces from where were previously. The coach drove fine. There wasn’t a trace of smoke when started but it was probably already warmed up. The test will be tomorrow morning when we head north to the next TT park. I forgot to fill up on fuel after picking up the coach so we’ll have to find someplace along the way. Unfortunately, it’ll cost more as there are no TSD Logistics partners out here.

I was reminded of forgetting to fuel up during yesterday’s drive when the “check info” light illuminated. This is the same light for any problem with the engine. There was a lot of glare from sunset so it was hard to read the LCD display. It turned out just to be a “fuel tank low at 24%” warning. I guess they think you should always have over ¼ tank.

We also lost the lens from the left front turn signal. It had come loose on the drive to Coburg and I had just used Gorilla Tape to hold it in place until I could glue it back in place. Now I need to find what other vehicle used this light assembly. I’m sure that it wasn’t unique to this model. 

Monday, July 20, 2020

Day 165, 166 - Corvallis, OR

Sunday (165) - Today’s weather report, the forecast is for low 90s (°F) which is going to feel miserably hot. But it could be worse. It could be humid as well. This afternoon, we watched a YouTube live stream of Diary of a Family with Carolyn and Garrett. We had met them (for the second time) in Chehalis at the TT campground. They recorded a short video interview of us an it is at time 9:18 (9 min 18 sec). I think the link should jump to that point.

Monday (166) - I heard back from the shop today after the mechanic spent the morning debugging the smoke. Two problems. Injector #4 is not responding and the HEUI pressure sensor. All six injectors were changed a little over a year ago. I hope this isn’t a trend. It’s supposed to be done tomorrow at 5pm. We’ll see...

The forecast is for low 90s (°F) again today. Oh joy...

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Day 163, 164 - Corvallis, OR

Friday (163) - We are enjoying the fast Internet here in Corvallis. After weeks of 300kb/s this is pretty incredible. Also, much nicer temperatures today. Only mid-70s (°F) instead of high 80s.

I heard from the shop around 11am. They finished the lube service and were getting ready to look at the grid heater. I got another call around 2 or so asking what I meant by “two grid heaters”. The service manager also commented that it “smoked like a chimney” when it’s first started. My response was that’s why I brought it in. Plus, it needed an oil change anyway. I mentioned that the previous owner took the RV to a shop last year and they replaced the injectors and the HEUI pump as an attempt to fix the cold start problem. Which didn’t fix anything except lightened their wallet. I think that’s when they got fed up and sold the RV.

Saturday (164) - It’s supposed to be hot today but it’s pretty nice right now (10:30am PDT).

Later - It is not 80°F at 2:45pm. Still nice in the shade with a little breeze. We received a box with our mail since Mid-March. (Thank you, Kyle, for sending it!) I had a few Amazon orders that I had planned on picking up back in May on my cancelled trip home.

Since this repair will probably take longer than we originally planned, I stopped at Fred Meyer to pick up some stuff. I asked the employee “manning” the entrance what was he supposed to do for those unwilling to comply with the mask requirement. He said that there was very little that they could do but, fortunately, most people are complying.

I called the shop today and asked for a status and they said that they were waiting for authorization from me. They misspelled my email address when they sent the message last night. (Grrr) Anyway, they are going to continue troubleshooting the smoke on cold start. I’m almost afraid of what they are going to come up with…

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Day 160, 161, 162 - Oregon - TT

Tuesday (160) - A cool, breezy day. I think it barely reached into the low 60s (°F) though it’s nice and sunny. I had ordered a few more microprocessors but I need a better Internet to load new ESPHome firmware. While here and in Chehalis, WA, I’ve been using the iPad as a hotspot and just have it sitting next to the inside antenna of the WeBoost. I’ve discovered that by setting the iPad to “No LTE” it switches from two bars of LTE to three to four bars of 3G. Bandwidth is lower than LTE would normally be except it actually works most of the time. LTE rarely works at this location. So far on this billing period, the iPad has logged 45GB of data. Only 15GB is hotspot. The remaining 30GB are videos on the iPad with an HDMI connection to the front TV. Yesterday while we were in Pacific City, I would have four bars of LTE but no Internet.

I’m up at lodge right now and they now have it locked up. Maybe all the people running around over the weekend was a bit much. At least they have some outside seating and the WiFi is still on.

Wednesday (161) - We headed north to the Cape Mears Lighthouse just west of Tillamook. It was pretty windy and on the cool side in spite of the clear, sunny skies. Beautiful views even before we went down to the lighthouse.

According to the plaque, this is the shortest lighthouse on the Oregon Coast. When you first walk up to it from the parking lot, you are at “light level”. Like most things these days, the lighthouse and associated gift shop was closed but at least the parking lot and trails were open.

After exploring the area, we headed to Tillamook for fuel and a handful of groceries.

Thursday (162) - We packed up this morning and will be heading to Coburg today. We asked about leaving the tow dolly here in an overflow lot and they said no problem since our reservation is until next Thursday. I don’t have a lock for the tow dolly but I did remove the ramps and put them into a storage bay. The other tow dollies stored there are locked. Maybe I should put a padlock on the coupler. We need to empty the tanks on the way out. Hopefully, there won’t be a line.

Later - There was a short line. It would’ve moved faster if two friends who were emptying their tanks at the same time, of course, they had to leave at the same time. Oh well. Once we arrived at Freightliner Northwest, Coburg, they went ahead and checked in the RV and we headed north to Corvallis. 

Monday, July 13, 2020

Day 157, 158, 159 - Pacific City - TT

Saturday (157) -  Another weekend here at the TT RV park. More people in the lodge today including kids running around banging on the piano. Their parents are oblivious and just playing on their phones. Most people are choosing to ignore the signs to wear masks while indoors. Oh well…

The Instant Pot sous vide stick doesn’t seem to maintain the correct temperature any more. We’ve noticed that several things I’ve made seem to be more on the “rare” side than they used to be. After checking the water temperature while cooking, it seems to be about 5-6°F lower than the set temperature. A few days ago I made some steelhead fillets (with maple and mustard) and set the temperature 5°F higher and it came out perfect. Maybe the appliance needs to be cleaned inside from calcium deposits or something. I’ll look into that tomorrow as it is in the middle of a 12 hour cooking cycle.

This particular sous vide stick was an “experiment” as I didn’t want to spend a lot for something I wouldn’t get much use out of. Since it is getting a lot of use, I may get another one and send this one home.

I also washed the rear of the RV and put up the stickers we’ve been accumulating. Many are from parks and attractions but some are from other RVers that we’ve met on the road. For a long time I wasn’t sure where to put the stickers but this seems to be a good enough place.

I also added 1qt of oil but it looks like there may be room for a little more.

Sunday (158) - I did some more testing on the grid heaters. The grid heater relay is working. I don’t have an amp meter so I can’t actually see how much power they are drawing. I just used an ohm meter to measure the resistance between the terminal and chassis ground. It fluctuates more than I would expect and appears to be intermittent. In Medina Lake, I put in a cable between the midpoint between the two grid heaters to chassis ground. This way at least one of the two heaters is functional. According to info on the C7 that I found online, if the combined engine temperature and air temperature is above 109°F, the grid heater won’t turn on except while cranking. That’s only 55°F (55° + 55° = 110° which is greater than 109°).

I need to find a shop that will work on a Cat C7.

Monday (159) - We drove down to Pacific City at low tide which was just before noon. There are supposed to be tide pools. Bridget looked for them around the base of the cliff. I chose to sit on the beach and watch the surfers and boats.

The parking lot was full but there weren’t that many people on the beach. This is the Pacific City Haystack Rock from a slightly different angle. It really does look like the one at Cannon Beach near Seaside. It really isn’t that far of a walk from the campground but we opted to drive. There is a large sand dune between the two locations which may be challenging to climb.

This morning, I called Freightliner Northwest in Coburg, OR, which is just north of Eugene. We have an appointment for this coming Friday morning. We will leave the RV park on Thursday afternoon for Coburg and probably leave the tow dolly here just so we don’t have to deal with it at the shop. They said that we can dry camp in their parking lot on Thursday night so we can get the rig in first thing in the morning. Their COVID-19 rules say that their employees can’t start working on the RV for three hours after we drop it off. Hopefully they can get it done on Friday so we could head back here over the weekend as our reservation goes until the 23rd. .

We had lunch at Doryland Pizza. Fabulous Mediterranean pizza with artichokes, spinach, feta, and some other toppings that I don’t remember. And, it had a nice, thin crust!

Friday, July 10, 2020

Day 156 - Pacific City - TT

I finally walked down to the beach today. Initially, I didn’t feel like it due to the number of people over the holiday weekend. Then didn’t really feel like doing anything. But today, I feel back to normal. There were maybe ten people on the beach. It was low tide but it was starting to come in. Just a light breeze and mostly sunny. I walked north on the hard packed sand for half a mile or so before turning around. We had seen a rock just like this at Cannon Beach and this one has the same name. Haystack Rock. Pretty nice…

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Day 153, 154, 155 - Oregon Coast - TT

Tuesday (153) - This morning, we drove into Tillamook to pick up some stuff. Dog food, people food, etc. We also stopped at Blue Heron French Cheese Company. We had planned to stay here last year as they allow overnight RV parking on the property but we decided to go to the Evergreen Aviation museum which also allows overnight RV parking. Both properties are listed in Harvest Hosts. I picked up so herb Brie which is one of the cheeses they make here and the sample was very tasty.

Back at the RV park, our power keeps shutting off. Not from the breaker tripping but it just stops working. We’ll switch sites tomorrow. There is one just a couple of spaces from us that may be available tomorrow that has a great view.

Wednesday (154) - I think it’s a better view. Hopefully, the power is more reliable. Since we parked front in, the utility’s are on the wrong side but our power cord was just long enough to reach. We have two potable water hoses and one of them is 50’ long so that shouldn’t be an issue. Currently, the water is turned off as they are repairing a water line near the lodge. Of course, people are whining about no water even though they have a RV with a fresh water tank. Not sure what the issue is. Our SeeLevel II tank gauge says 21% which, based on the shape of the tank, is probably around 35-40 gallons.

Thursday (155) - This morning, we went into Pacific City and discovered very little beyond a couple of coffee places and restaurants. Lots of rental properties. We then continued south past Lincoln City to Depoe Bay. The viewpoint was close (thank you Oregon) but a much tinier viewpoint parking was open. Only two parking slots but there was a trail that went along the rocks above the water. I think it was around low tide. We did see at least one whale surfacing every few minutes a few hundred yards from the rocks.

The trail ended in a bunch of “no trespassing” signs. I’m guessing that they had a lot of people walking through their yard. It was a nice walk. There were a handful of people on the trail but there was a lot of space. No crowds.

This tree was at the end of the trail near all of the signs.

Afterwards, we headed back to Lincoln City for lunch. No place to park at Mo’s along the water so we looked elsewhere. We ended up at a Thai take-out place. Very mediocre Thai food. Not horrible but we have been spoiled by Lemon Grass in Fairbanks. 

Monday, July 6, 2020

Day 151, 152 - Pacific City, OR - TT

Sunday (151) - Just a picture of social distancing picnic at my mom’s home to celebrate my sister’s birthday (and Independence Day). Four dogs made it kind of a zoo especially with our noisy grey dog. He wants to bark at every other dog. Anyway, thank you, Carole, for arranging the picnic. It was really good to see everyone including those on the east coast (via Zoom).

We left around 7pm and came back on hwy 20 through Newport even though it was farther. The roads were wider and we thought there would be less chance of encountering wildlife. A deer ran right in front of us on the way to Corvallis. We stopped at a viewpoint just south of Pacific City to watch the sunset. Pretty nice.

We picked up the new mattress that I had delivered to my mom’s home. It is one of those vacuum bagged memory foam mattresses. Believe it or not, this is a narrow king sized mattress 8” thick. After carrying it to the bed platform, the plastic is removed and it self-inflates. I think we are supposed to let it sit for a day or so before using it.

In addition to the mattress, I picked up a couple more waterproof boxes and another package of microprocessors. Hard to beat five for $12. I also picked up some more Eternabond tape.

Monday (152) - I don’t think there is anything planned for today. Our grey tank is almost full after only four days. On Friday, we used the washer/dryer and it kept shutting off whenever the heat pump came on. I think that every time it shut off, it would drain the water and start the cycle over again. Normally, the washer only uses about 9 gallons per load so a single load shouldn’t have filled the grey tank up as much as it did. I’m waiting until this afternoon to visit the dump station as there are only two here in this park and I didn’t want to sit around waiting while blocking the road. We headed over at 12:30 and obviously too early. There was a line at the dump station. When we were in Chehalis, we didn’t need to dump for about ten days.

After getting back to our site, our neighbors came by and gave us several dungeness crab that they had caught this morning. They were already cooked and delicious. what a treat! We still have three halves in the refrigerator! They had gone fishing (no fish) but caught their limit of dungeness crab. 

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Day 149, 150 - Pacific City, OR - TT

Friday (149) - Early in the morning, the cell booster worked great and we were able to stream until about noon. So my thought that the tower was overloaded might be accurate. It is cool and overcast today which is no big surprise for the Oregon coast. Here is our site located at the top of a hill with an almost view of the ocean.

We went into Pacific City, which is a couple of miles south, to get a few groceries and the town was crowded with holiday tourists. At the grocery store, masks were required and I didn’t see a single person without one inside of the store. The grocery store offered free WiFi so while we were shopping I downloaded a video. Even when we were in town, the phone indicated two bars of LTE and data was still barely functional. We’ll wait until after the holiday weekend to check out the town. Tomorrow, we are headed into Corvallis to visit family.

Saturday (150) - On the way to Corvallis, I noticed that the GPS route went right through Monmouth, OR. I texted wonderful moto-blogger friends, Troubadour and Trobairitz, and we stopped and (safely) visited for a bit. We hadn’t seen them since last September when this road trip first started. After a short visit, we continued on to my mom’s home for an outdoor picnic. A combination of in-person and Google Meet conferencing. We also are running a couple of loads of laundry. Since we don’t have a sewer connection, we prefer not to use our combo washer/dryer.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Day 148 - Pacific City, OR - TT

It was about 180 miles from Chehalis, WA, to Pacific City, OR. We are on the coast and traffic was on the heavy side. This is another Thousand Trails park and it is pretty crowded. We managed to find a site that was long enough and almost flat enough and it had only 30amp power and water. We’ll see how well it works for us.

We are here for three weeks and I suspect that this being a holiday weekend, it’s unusually crowded. There appears to be cell signal at our site and I can make calls using the cell signal booster but data throughput seems almost non-existent even though the iPhone sees three bars of LTE. Maybe it’ll work better later when there aren’t so many users on the tower.

This is the view from inside the lodge. I’m the only one in here even though it is listed as “open”. The pool here is even open though the daytime temperatures are on the cool side...

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Day 145, 146, 147 - Chehalis, WA - TT

Monday (145) - Slow morning. Since it is colder today, it seemed like a good day to use the convection oven.  Most of these will end up in the freezer but I may have to “test” a couple.

Rain is forecast for tonight so I’m not going to add Dicor to the Eternabond tape I put on yesterday. I also swept all the debris off of the roof, slide toppers, and the awning. I rolled in the awning after cleaning. If it was wet, it would be hard to clean. I also needed to pack the dog kennels back up as we needed them to keep the dogs in our friend’s yard. One of them had explored their neighborhood last week.

Tuesday (146) - Today, Dave and I hauled the old mattress from the RV to the landfill. I had already ordered a replacement and it is sitting in a box in Oregon. We’ll pick it up this weekend. The mattress is an RV king which is a different size than a regular king. For now, I removed the air mattress from the hide-a-bed. I wasn’t sure how to dispose of the old mattress with just the Prius. Dave has a truck. Sounds like a solution. Thank you Dave!

I have been able to stream video from the iPad onto the TV using an HDMI adapter. The iPad is also acting as a hotspot but hotspot data is limited to 10 GB/month. Any bandwidth the iPad itself uses is “unlimited”. If I used the Apple TV, it would be using the hotspot data.

Wednesday (147) - This was a busy morning.  We are heading out tomorrow morning so I went ahead and emptied the tanks and filled up on propane (16.6 gallons). We are on 30amp power so the heat pump doesn’t run consistently. The propane furnace has been used regularly. This is the first fill since 04/25 in Lake Texoma, TX. The next TT park is also mostly 30amp power so we’ll see what we can get. This afternoon, I’ll be heading back to SEATAC to pick up Bridget from her Minnesota adventure.

Later - I’m in the cell phone lot at SEATAC. Traffic was really heavy leaving Seattle. It must be a good place to leave...

Arrival was originally 5:10 but the Alaska Air app says 4:35. Normally the east-west flights are fighting a headwind. Not today, I’m guessing. But, even though the flight landed early, the plane sat on the tarmac for half an hour waiting for a gate. The sign at the lot says 20 minutes max but just about all the cars here in the lot were here when I arrived. And many of the cars are unoccupied.