Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Day 173, 174, 175 - E-biking around Seaside - TT

Monday (173) - We rode the e-bikes out to the promenade aka concrete walk/bike path along the beach. Just in front of the last row of houses before the sand. There were few places where we could actually see the water and the fog and overcast sort of seeing much. The weather today is definitely not like yesterday.

In some areas, there were quite a few people. Most following the social distancing and mask rules. It looked like the aquarium was open though they were limiting the number of guests inside at any one time. Mo’s seafood restaurant was open for take-out only unlike the one that we saw earlier. It looks like many of the cottages along the beach were available as rentals and I saw one for sale for $1M.

We also stopped at the salt works, a historical site where sea water was boiled for the salt. The salt was needed for food preservation and this location was far enough from the mouth of the Columbia River to minimize fresh water reducing the salinity. This site was only a half block from the promenade. The number of people on the promenade sort of reduced the bike riding enjoyment for me but Bridget enjoyed the ride.

Tuesday (174) - Bridget had an appointment in Warrenton today. I needed a few things like another tube of Dicor self-leveling roof sealant and a 3 amp USB charger. My Mophie Qi pad stopped working a few weeks ago. The AC “brick” is 3amps @5VDC which is significantly higher than the USB standard.

Later - Neither Home Depot or Fred Meyer has any self-leveling sealant. And it’s been unavailable on Amazon for quite a while. I guess I need to look for an RV store again. That’s where I picked up the last couple of tubes of Dicor sealant.

We didn’t get back until around 4:30 so we had dinner at Pig ‘N Pancake and I had some delicious, very lightly battered fried oysters with some Boston clam chowder. Afterwards, we wandered around the touristy part of town including the Carousel Mall.

Wednesday (175) - This morning, we visited (social distancing) with another couple who is also on RVillage and Nomads Near Me, two RV-centric social networking sites. I think I ended up talking to them for a couple of hours. He had posted that by diet he was able to become no longer type-2 diabetic. I had wanted to talk to him about that.

We then headed out to Hug Point State Recreation Area which is 14 miles south of here. The parking lot was full but we found a spot along the side of the highway a few hundred yards away. It was a short walk to the beach. Groups were sort of keeping to themselves and it really wasn’t that crowded. But given the parking situation, this must be about “normal”.

There are remnants of an old wagon road along the coast. I’m guessing that this may be part of that. We heard that there were still traces of the wagon wheels tracks but I’m not sure about that. It is a pretty cool location.

Looking north from the point... And the Verizon here was extremely fast. Six pictures uploaded in about 20 seconds. Hard to believe. The tide is out but it was just starting to come back in.

This cave went far enough that there wasn’t any light. I could hear people in the darkness. I’m not sure how far it went.

 Really nice beach!


  1. Nice pics, and the area looks interesting. When we were there last summer, Seaside was super crowded so we just passed it by. But we did go to Hug Point and that was lovely.

    1. I think everywhere on the Oregon coast is crowded. And having places shut down makes it feel even more crowded. Hug Point was pretty nice and the wagon road was interesting.