Monday, July 13, 2020

Day 157, 158, 159 - Pacific City - TT

Saturday (157) -  Another weekend here at the TT RV park. More people in the lodge today including kids running around banging on the piano. Their parents are oblivious and just playing on their phones. Most people are choosing to ignore the signs to wear masks while indoors. Oh well…

The Instant Pot sous vide stick doesn’t seem to maintain the correct temperature any more. We’ve noticed that several things I’ve made seem to be more on the “rare” side than they used to be. After checking the water temperature while cooking, it seems to be about 5-6°F lower than the set temperature. A few days ago I made some steelhead fillets (with maple and mustard) and set the temperature 5°F higher and it came out perfect. Maybe the appliance needs to be cleaned inside from calcium deposits or something. I’ll look into that tomorrow as it is in the middle of a 12 hour cooking cycle.

This particular sous vide stick was an “experiment” as I didn’t want to spend a lot for something I wouldn’t get much use out of. Since it is getting a lot of use, I may get another one and send this one home.

I also washed the rear of the RV and put up the stickers we’ve been accumulating. Many are from parks and attractions but some are from other RVers that we’ve met on the road. For a long time I wasn’t sure where to put the stickers but this seems to be a good enough place.

I also added 1qt of oil but it looks like there may be room for a little more.

Sunday (158) - I did some more testing on the grid heaters. The grid heater relay is working. I don’t have an amp meter so I can’t actually see how much power they are drawing. I just used an ohm meter to measure the resistance between the terminal and chassis ground. It fluctuates more than I would expect and appears to be intermittent. In Medina Lake, I put in a cable between the midpoint between the two grid heaters to chassis ground. This way at least one of the two heaters is functional. According to info on the C7 that I found online, if the combined engine temperature and air temperature is above 109°F, the grid heater won’t turn on except while cranking. That’s only 55°F (55° + 55° = 110° which is greater than 109°).

I need to find a shop that will work on a Cat C7.

Monday (159) - We drove down to Pacific City at low tide which was just before noon. There are supposed to be tide pools. Bridget looked for them around the base of the cliff. I chose to sit on the beach and watch the surfers and boats.

The parking lot was full but there weren’t that many people on the beach. This is the Pacific City Haystack Rock from a slightly different angle. It really does look like the one at Cannon Beach near Seaside. It really isn’t that far of a walk from the campground but we opted to drive. There is a large sand dune between the two locations which may be challenging to climb.

This morning, I called Freightliner Northwest in Coburg, OR, which is just north of Eugene. We have an appointment for this coming Friday morning. We will leave the RV park on Thursday afternoon for Coburg and probably leave the tow dolly here just so we don’t have to deal with it at the shop. They said that we can dry camp in their parking lot on Thursday night so we can get the rig in first thing in the morning. Their COVID-19 rules say that their employees can’t start working on the RV for three hours after we drop it off. Hopefully they can get it done on Friday so we could head back here over the weekend as our reservation goes until the 23rd. .

We had lunch at Doryland Pizza. Fabulous Mediterranean pizza with artichokes, spinach, feta, and some other toppings that I don’t remember. And, it had a nice, thin crust!


  1. Richard, is it compulsory to wear masks where there are signs asking people to do so? I would have thought they'd have been booted out if there were strict rules.

    1. There are signs and it seems like enforcement is left up to the business. Some are enforcing it but others less so. Restaurants seem to get more compliance. And larger stores seem to enforce at the door only. People then just remove the mask once they are inside.

  2. I've seen signs asking people to wear masks in stores. Some folks don't and no one seems to be enforcing it.

    That beach at Pacific City seems pretty nice, I take it folks weren't wearing masks there as well?

    1. The rule here is inside. Outside if it’s “crowded” but there is no definition for that.