Monday, July 6, 2020

Day 151, 152 - Pacific City, OR - TT

Sunday (151) - Just a picture of social distancing picnic at my mom’s home to celebrate my sister’s birthday (and Independence Day). Four dogs made it kind of a zoo especially with our noisy grey dog. He wants to bark at every other dog. Anyway, thank you, Carole, for arranging the picnic. It was really good to see everyone including those on the east coast (via Zoom).

We left around 7pm and came back on hwy 20 through Newport even though it was farther. The roads were wider and we thought there would be less chance of encountering wildlife. A deer ran right in front of us on the way to Corvallis. We stopped at a viewpoint just south of Pacific City to watch the sunset. Pretty nice.

We picked up the new mattress that I had delivered to my mom’s home. It is one of those vacuum bagged memory foam mattresses. Believe it or not, this is a narrow king sized mattress 8” thick. After carrying it to the bed platform, the plastic is removed and it self-inflates. I think we are supposed to let it sit for a day or so before using it.

In addition to the mattress, I picked up a couple more waterproof boxes and another package of microprocessors. Hard to beat five for $12. I also picked up some more Eternabond tape.

Monday (152) - I don’t think there is anything planned for today. Our grey tank is almost full after only four days. On Friday, we used the washer/dryer and it kept shutting off whenever the heat pump came on. I think that every time it shut off, it would drain the water and start the cycle over again. Normally, the washer only uses about 9 gallons per load so a single load shouldn’t have filled the grey tank up as much as it did. I’m waiting until this afternoon to visit the dump station as there are only two here in this park and I didn’t want to sit around waiting while blocking the road. We headed over at 12:30 and obviously too early. There was a line at the dump station. When we were in Chehalis, we didn’t need to dump for about ten days.

After getting back to our site, our neighbors came by and gave us several dungeness crab that they had caught this morning. They were already cooked and delicious. what a treat! We still have three halves in the refrigerator! They had gone fishing (no fish) but caught their limit of dungeness crab. 


  1. So nice you got to visit with family! The sunset pic is gorgeous. And I am so jealous about the Dungeness crab, it's my absolute favorite dish!

    1. The Dungeness crab was a real surprise and treat! It’s one of my favorite as well.