Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Day 167, 168 - Back to Pacific City - TT

Tuesday (167) - Mornings are pretty nice on the backyard deck. It’s only 75°F at 10 though today’s high is forecast to be in the high 80s (°F).

Later - Around 4pm we will be heading back to Freightliner Northwest in Coburg, OR, to pick up the RV. They said it no longer smokes and seems to run much better. Easier to start. They said that power and mileage should improve. Fingers crossed.

Wednesday (168) - The coach wasn’t finished as they neglected to replace the air cleaner. We didn’t leave until around 6:30pm. We arrived back at the Pacific City TT around 9:20 which was after sunset. Bridget had gone ahead and found a site and she used the GMRS radio to let me know which site. We also used the radios while traveling to Coburg as they still work without cell signal. This was the first time I set up in the dark but no problem. We are now only a handful of spaces from where were previously. The coach drove fine. There wasn’t a trace of smoke when started but it was probably already warmed up. The test will be tomorrow morning when we head north to the next TT park. I forgot to fill up on fuel after picking up the coach so we’ll have to find someplace along the way. Unfortunately, it’ll cost more as there are no TSD Logistics partners out here.

I was reminded of forgetting to fuel up during yesterday’s drive when the “check info” light illuminated. This is the same light for any problem with the engine. There was a lot of glare from sunset so it was hard to read the LCD display. It turned out just to be a “fuel tank low at 24%” warning. I guess they think you should always have over ¼ tank.

We also lost the lens from the left front turn signal. It had come loose on the drive to Coburg and I had just used Gorilla Tape to hold it in place until I could glue it back in place. Now I need to find what other vehicle used this light assembly. I’m sure that it wasn’t unique to this model. 


  1. I hope, Richard, that with the latest repairs your travels will continue without further issues. I have to admit that it stresses me out when I get the feeling that equipment is not fully functioning.

  2. So, fingers crossed....I hope the morning's startup of the engine remains smokeless! What did they find?