Thursday, July 16, 2020

Day 160, 161, 162 - Oregon - TT

Tuesday (160) - A cool, breezy day. I think it barely reached into the low 60s (°F) though it’s nice and sunny. I had ordered a few more microprocessors but I need a better Internet to load new ESPHome firmware. While here and in Chehalis, WA, I’ve been using the iPad as a hotspot and just have it sitting next to the inside antenna of the WeBoost. I’ve discovered that by setting the iPad to “No LTE” it switches from two bars of LTE to three to four bars of 3G. Bandwidth is lower than LTE would normally be except it actually works most of the time. LTE rarely works at this location. So far on this billing period, the iPad has logged 45GB of data. Only 15GB is hotspot. The remaining 30GB are videos on the iPad with an HDMI connection to the front TV. Yesterday while we were in Pacific City, I would have four bars of LTE but no Internet.

I’m up at lodge right now and they now have it locked up. Maybe all the people running around over the weekend was a bit much. At least they have some outside seating and the WiFi is still on.

Wednesday (161) - We headed north to the Cape Mears Lighthouse just west of Tillamook. It was pretty windy and on the cool side in spite of the clear, sunny skies. Beautiful views even before we went down to the lighthouse.

According to the plaque, this is the shortest lighthouse on the Oregon Coast. When you first walk up to it from the parking lot, you are at “light level”. Like most things these days, the lighthouse and associated gift shop was closed but at least the parking lot and trails were open.

After exploring the area, we headed to Tillamook for fuel and a handful of groceries.

Thursday (162) - We packed up this morning and will be heading to Coburg today. We asked about leaving the tow dolly here in an overflow lot and they said no problem since our reservation is until next Thursday. I don’t have a lock for the tow dolly but I did remove the ramps and put them into a storage bay. The other tow dollies stored there are locked. Maybe I should put a padlock on the coupler. We need to empty the tanks on the way out. Hopefully, there won’t be a line.

Later - There was a short line. It would’ve moved faster if two friends who were emptying their tanks at the same time, of course, they had to leave at the same time. Oh well. Once we arrived at Freightliner Northwest, Coburg, they went ahead and checked in the RV and we headed north to Corvallis. 


  1. What a view, Richard. I have visited the area on several occasions and it had always been grey, cloudy and dripping from above.

    1. The Oregon coast really does have some phenomenal views. One of the advantages of our travel is being able to wait out the weather. If it’s raining, do something else.