Thursday, July 23, 2020

Day 169 - Seaside, OR - TT

Thursday (169) - This morning we headed north from the Pacific City TT to the Seaside TT which was about two hours away. The RV still smoked when started and I’m waiting for a call back. We will be closer to Coburg in a couple of weeks. BTW, I’m more disappointed than upset.

Here at Seaside, we have 50 amp electrical, water and sewer. No trees and it’s more RV park than campground but that’s okay. At least we can run everything and not be concerned about tripping breakers. Plus, use as much water (including hot water) without filling up tanks.

Everything is still shut down so no activity or amenities. We’ve been able to run several loads of laundry without a sewer connection as the combo washer-dryer seems to use about 10gal water per load. A couple of weeks ago it used about double that but I believe the power problem caused the washer to “reset”. It would drain the water and restart the cycle. 


  1. bummer about the continued smoke....

  2. What happened to quality work? Hope you can sort it out.

    1. “Quality work”? I think most mechanics these days just swap parts… Understanding what’s actually going on is not taught anymore. Plug in the computer and do whatever it says.