Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Day 145, 146, 147 - Chehalis, WA - TT

Monday (145) - Slow morning. Since it is colder today, it seemed like a good day to use the convection oven.  Most of these will end up in the freezer but I may have to “test” a couple.

Rain is forecast for tonight so I’m not going to add Dicor to the Eternabond tape I put on yesterday. I also swept all the debris off of the roof, slide toppers, and the awning. I rolled in the awning after cleaning. If it was wet, it would be hard to clean. I also needed to pack the dog kennels back up as we needed them to keep the dogs in our friend’s yard. One of them had explored their neighborhood last week.

Tuesday (146) - Today, Dave and I hauled the old mattress from the RV to the landfill. I had already ordered a replacement and it is sitting in a box in Oregon. We’ll pick it up this weekend. The mattress is an RV king which is a different size than a regular king. For now, I removed the air mattress from the hide-a-bed. I wasn’t sure how to dispose of the old mattress with just the Prius. Dave has a truck. Sounds like a solution. Thank you Dave!

I have been able to stream video from the iPad onto the TV using an HDMI adapter. The iPad is also acting as a hotspot but hotspot data is limited to 10 GB/month. Any bandwidth the iPad itself uses is “unlimited”. If I used the Apple TV, it would be using the hotspot data.

Wednesday (147) - This was a busy morning.  We are heading out tomorrow morning so I went ahead and emptied the tanks and filled up on propane (16.6 gallons). We are on 30amp power so the heat pump doesn’t run consistently. The propane furnace has been used regularly. This is the first fill since 04/25 in Lake Texoma, TX. The next TT park is also mostly 30amp power so we’ll see what we can get. This afternoon, I’ll be heading back to SEATAC to pick up Bridget from her Minnesota adventure.

Later - I’m in the cell phone lot at SEATAC. Traffic was really heavy leaving Seattle. It must be a good place to leave...

Arrival was originally 5:10 but the Alaska Air app says 4:35. Normally the east-west flights are fighting a headwind. Not today, I’m guessing. But, even though the flight landed early, the plane sat on the tarmac for half an hour waiting for a gate. The sign at the lot says 20 minutes max but just about all the cars here in the lot were here when I arrived. And many of the cars are unoccupied. 


  1. Sounds like a bunch of squatters in the cellphone lot.

    1. It looks like employees or contractors. They get back to their car wearing uniforms. Maybe they all work for parking...

  2. Replies
    1. They were good but I gave most of them away.