Thursday, July 2, 2020

Day 148 - Pacific City, OR - TT

It was about 180 miles from Chehalis, WA, to Pacific City, OR. We are on the coast and traffic was on the heavy side. This is another Thousand Trails park and it is pretty crowded. We managed to find a site that was long enough and almost flat enough and it had only 30amp power and water. We’ll see how well it works for us.

We are here for three weeks and I suspect that this being a holiday weekend, it’s unusually crowded. There appears to be cell signal at our site and I can make calls using the cell signal booster but data throughput seems almost non-existent even though the iPhone sees three bars of LTE. Maybe it’ll work better later when there aren’t so many users on the tower.

This is the view from inside the lodge. I’m the only one in here even though it is listed as “open”. The pool here is even open though the daytime temperatures are on the cool side...


  1. With the long weekend ahead I am sure it gets crowded everywhere, virus be damned. Happy 4th of July to you guys.

    1. Too crowded at the beach. I’ll wait until after the holidays before venturing down.