Monday, July 20, 2020

Day 165, 166 - Corvallis, OR

Sunday (165) - Today’s weather report, the forecast is for low 90s (°F) which is going to feel miserably hot. But it could be worse. It could be humid as well. This afternoon, we watched a YouTube live stream of Diary of a Family with Carolyn and Garrett. We had met them (for the second time) in Chehalis at the TT campground. They recorded a short video interview of us an it is at time 9:18 (9 min 18 sec). I think the link should jump to that point.

Monday (166) - I heard back from the shop today after the mechanic spent the morning debugging the smoke. Two problems. Injector #4 is not responding and the HEUI pressure sensor. All six injectors were changed a little over a year ago. I hope this isn’t a trend. It’s supposed to be done tomorrow at 5pm. We’ll see...

The forecast is for low 90s (°F) again today. Oh joy...


  1. Really enjoyed the interview, nice to 'see' you both again!

    1. They had recorded it a few weeks back when we were both in Chehalis, WA. They are now in St. Louis, MO, as she just started a new nursing contract for a couple of months.