Sunday, July 26, 2020

Day 170, 171, 172 - Seaside, OR - TT

Friday (170) - We had arrived here shortly after noon which is just after the checkout time. After we arrived, we saw quite a few RVs driving through looking for a site so I’m glad we arrived early. I had wanted to find a site on the north half of the park since they are all 50amp electric. Granted, we probably won’t need to run the A/C very often but Sunday is supposed to be almost 80°F. Plus it is so convenient to not need to be concerned about what is running at any given time. E.G. Heat pump, water heater, dryer, convection oven all at the same time, no problem. With a 30amp connection, you need to pick one or the electric management system on the RV will pick one for you.

We needed to get some fuel and after months of using the TSD Logistics program, it was almost painful to pay full price for diesel. It was $2.79/gal at a Sinclair station outside of the farmers co-op bldg. $75 for 26+ gallons which only got us to half tank. Oh well. It’s enough for now. There are few, if any, truck stops along Hwy 101. And no TSD Logistics partner stations until we get back to I-5. Just for reference, the TA in Coburg was $1.67/gal using the discount program. When you purchase 50-80 gallons at a time, it’s significant.

This morning, we explored the town of Seaside a bit with the car and discovered that there are a lot of  places near the beach to park. There is also a long, paved walkway along the beach for bicycles. You just need to battle the narrow roads between the campground and the beach. We also went north to the much larger town of Warrenton to restock on groceries at the Walmart. The majority of the shoppers and all of the employees wore masks but ignore the direction arrows in the aisles. But we are set for groceries for the next week or so.

Saturday (171) - Nice and sunny today though it’s barely 60°F. I went for a walk through both sides of the park and I don’t think that there is a single open site. The paper showing the checkout date indicates that most are only here for the weekend.

I dug our the e-bikes for the first time since Lake Texoma. All the tires needed some air. Bridget found a nice bike ride map for the area identifying stops along the route. I think most of it is along a dedicated bike path along the beach. I think the plan is to wait until after the weekend.

I think I like this TT much better than Chehalis or Pacific City. Not much of a view but level sites and everything works. We are only here for two weeks as that is the maximum as it is one of the most popular within the system. I think the next one in Newport, OR, is also limited to two weeks. When we checked in at Pacific City, the host mentioned that there was a 220 day/year limit with TT. That turned out to be misinformation. According to our contract, there is no limit on the number of days.

Sunday (172) - It’s 81°F. An ideal time to work on the roof. I had ordered another 50’ of Eternabond tape to put over the aging Dicor. I had sealed the seam between the front cap and the roof while in Chehalis but hadn’t put Dicor along the edges of the tape as it needed to be above 70°F according to the instructions. Today qualified.

I also dragged Bridget up for another set of eyes looking for potential leaks. The picture on the right is the front seam after the Dicor was put on. By tomorrow, it’ll be level, smooth and much more even. But it was hot up there. It’s nice to just sit outside.

We did find out that if you pay for an annual site, you can only live there 220 days. Not sure what that’s about...

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