Thursday, July 9, 2020

Day 153, 154, 155 - Oregon Coast - TT

Tuesday (153) - This morning, we drove into Tillamook to pick up some stuff. Dog food, people food, etc. We also stopped at Blue Heron French Cheese Company. We had planned to stay here last year as they allow overnight RV parking on the property but we decided to go to the Evergreen Aviation museum which also allows overnight RV parking. Both properties are listed in Harvest Hosts. I picked up so herb Brie which is one of the cheeses they make here and the sample was very tasty.

Back at the RV park, our power keeps shutting off. Not from the breaker tripping but it just stops working. We’ll switch sites tomorrow. There is one just a couple of spaces from us that may be available tomorrow that has a great view.

Wednesday (154) - I think it’s a better view. Hopefully, the power is more reliable. Since we parked front in, the utility’s are on the wrong side but our power cord was just long enough to reach. We have two potable water hoses and one of them is 50’ long so that shouldn’t be an issue. Currently, the water is turned off as they are repairing a water line near the lodge. Of course, people are whining about no water even though they have a RV with a fresh water tank. Not sure what the issue is. Our SeeLevel II tank gauge says 21% which, based on the shape of the tank, is probably around 35-40 gallons.

Thursday (155) - This morning, we went into Pacific City and discovered very little beyond a couple of coffee places and restaurants. Lots of rental properties. We then continued south past Lincoln City to Depoe Bay. The viewpoint was close (thank you Oregon) but a much tinier viewpoint parking was open. Only two parking slots but there was a trail that went along the rocks above the water. I think it was around low tide. We did see at least one whale surfacing every few minutes a few hundred yards from the rocks.

The trail ended in a bunch of “no trespassing” signs. I’m guessing that they had a lot of people walking through their yard. It was a nice walk. There were a handful of people on the trail but there was a lot of space. No crowds.

This tree was at the end of the trail near all of the signs.

Afterwards, we headed back to Lincoln City for lunch. No place to park at Mo’s along the water so we looked elsewhere. We ended up at a Thai take-out place. Very mediocre Thai food. Not horrible but we have been spoiled by Lemon Grass in Fairbanks. 


  1. Re: Lemon Grass. Yep. Spoiled too. We went there for dinner a week Saturday. Made reservations thinking it would be busy. Nope. Only one other table with people besides us and for a while we were the only table. Constant take-out traffic so their business is doing well. Had coffee with the gang this morning. Weather was cool but no rain. Off'n'on rain tonight.

    1. We’ve heard from some Thai natives that the food there is better than many places in Thailand.

  2. Oregon Coast... Tillamook cheese... reminds me of my moto trip with Scooterbob quite some time ago. Thanks for the memories.

    1. We are reminded of our Ural trip on the Oregon coast as well...