Monday, June 24, 2024

Moving Stuff…

Saturday - Sunday - Yesterday, I drove out Chena Hot Springs Road to the local radio club’s ARRL field day at the volunteer fire department. I saw quite a few people who I haven’t seen for several years and also met Delta John, one of the other volunteer examiners. I’ve talked to him on Zoom numerous times over the last 4 years but this is the first time I’ve met him in person. 

I didn’t take any pictures but several people had some impressive portable HF setups and there were a few participating in contests. Basically, trying to make as many contacts as possible. I’m not very interested in contests. But it was a fun couple of hours. Some were planning on staying all night until the event ended at 10am this morning. It’s probably easier to do that up here on the summer solstice.

Today, we hauled more stuff to storage in preparation for the contractor starting work in another week. The high temperature hit 80°F. 

We went to Hot Licks, a local ice cream stand, but the interesting flavors were sold out so we didn’t wait in the long line. We’ll try again some afternoon.

Monday - Waiting for the septic contractor again. Communication doesn’t seem to be one of their strengths…

It’s a smoky day with the fire south of Harding Lake. The McDonald fire is over 50 thousand acres and was started by a lightning strike. Normally, you would be looking at the Alaska Range all the way to Delta. 

Still getting decent performance from StarLink. No complaints. The download speeds do vary quite a bit but rarely go below 70Mbps. I believe that upload is capped at 20Mbps. 

Work has started. They are digging up the septic tank and getting rid of a lot of trees. They asked if we had any sentimental attachment to any trees as they were all going away… 


  1. We encountered a couple of Ham Radio guys here on Rampart Range Road...they were part of the field day you went to I think.

    1. The ARRL Field day has participants from all over the country. Most folks are participating in contests trying to get as many contacts as they can.