Friday, June 21, 2024

Almost Solstice

Monday - After the morning test session, we met with the credit union about a short-term load to get started on the house repairs. So much stuff to get done. We then stopped at Costco and Safeway for groceries. I'm still floored by the cost of groceries here in Alaska. 

The days are almost at the maximum with sunset at 12:55am and sunrise before 3am. So it really doesn’t get dark.

Wednesday - We attended a community band concert at a park in downtown Fairbanks right next to the Chena River. We brought our dinner with us. 

This weekend is the Solstice festival where they close down several streets in the downtown area for food booths and entertainment. 

Other than that, it was hauling boxes to storage and to the transfer station (trash).

Thursday - Today is Solstice, i.e. the longest day of the year. From this point, it’s just a slide into winter…

We were scheduled to have the septic system worked on today but the contractor put it off until Monday. I’m not sure if that means actually starting or just showing up with equipment and material. 

Friday - Another week down and even more stuff hauled off to the transfer station. The septic work was postponed by the contractor until Monday. He said that he was running behind. We still haven't heard back from the other contractor to work on the interior projects. 

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