Thursday, October 4, 2007

Actually jogged today

Until now, I occasionally did intervals i.e. jogged for a while then walked after my heart rate went too high then jogged again after recovery. Today, I tried something differant. I gradually sped up until my heart rate was aerobic but not too high. I found a comfortable speed to jog at. It's slower than when I did intervals but I was able to jog for half an hour. For anyone that runs, this may seem a bit lame but for me, this is great. I haven't been able to jog or run for 25 years. I'm a little sore now since I didn't stretch when done but no sore joints, shins, feet or whatever else that prevented me from running in the past. By the way, this was on a treadmill so I could easily control my environment. It was a good day...

Friday 10/05/07 - Went for a walk on the West Ridge ski trails today and all of the puddles are now frozen solid (no more wet feet!) and very few people were out. I walked most of the loops and trails to see where they went and which ones had lights. A nice brisk walk in the woods.

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