Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Day 53 - Las Vegas, NV - TT

Some may recognize where we are today. We stopped here after being treated to a wonderful lunch by my cousin, Jane, whom we last saw last March at the mini reunion.. She just happened to be in Las Vegas visiting with a long time friend from Hawaii. We went to a fabulous Japanese restaurant, Osaka Japanese Bistro. Jane mentioned that they just gone to Ikea and so it became our afternoon tourist destination.

Here is a picture of us in front of the restaurant. Pretty non-descript entrance complete with triple locks on the front door. But nice Japanese style tables with tatami mats and all. It was a great visit and a surprise.

My son and his girlfriend headed out early this morning for the 20+ hour drive back home. It was wonderful to see him and meet her. I think it’s been almost five years since I last saw him. He seems to be doing good! I was thinking of posting a picture but I neglected to ask.


  1. You guys seem to run into family members wherever you go. Even at Ikea ;-)

    1. There’s a lot of friends and family out there...