Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Day 68 - Chandler, AZ

Harbor Freight was almost right across the street from the entrance of the RV park. The rig has a quick release compressed air fitting in the propane compartment but the hose wasn't found in any of the compartments. There are two possible air fittings referred to as industrial and automotive. Both are available at Harbor Freight so I picked up one of each, a 25’ coiled hose, and an air chuck. My first guess (industrial) turned out to be right. Now I’ll go back and pick up some additional hose and fittings so I can reach all of the tires. I also needed a small saw as the right rear mud flap catches on the SnapPad and tries to push it off. Trimming the lower corner of the mud flap resolved that.

We headed towards to Phoenix Premium Outlets near Chandler, AZ, as Bridget was looking for some hot weather clothes. It’s 91°F today but it doesn’t feel that hot. “It’s a dry heat” they say.  I ended getting some stuff at the outlet mall. Including a small none-stick frying pan that works on an induction cooktop. I've been looking for one for a while. Given these temperatures, the induction cooktop will be getting more use.

On the way back from Chandler, we stopped at Harbor Freight and I picked up 50’ of non-coiled air hose, quick release fittings, and an air chuck with a pressure gauge. So with 65’ of air line, I should be able to reach any tire on the coach, tow dolly or Prius. 


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    1. I’m guessing between 10 and 20 gallons. I can see the tank but can only estimate their dimensions. And there are two tanks. I’m not sure which tank this air fitting is connected to.