Sunday, October 13, 2019

Day 58 - Virgin, UT

Really “glamping” at the Zion River RV Resort. The pool and hot tub are behind me and the sites are concrete and level. There is grass on the door side. Right now behind me, they are serving home-made ice cream. Pretty nice. We are here for several days and plan on going into Zion tomorrow and Tuesday.

I took advantage of the level concrete pad to install the Snap-Pads. You put some liquid dish soap along the top edge and manually lower the leveling jacks onto them. They then snap onto the feet of the jack. They add an inch to the jacks and are made from recycled tires. They look to be pretty well made. 


  1. Looks pretty snazzy, Richard. What's the price tag on such a glamping spot?

    1. $60/night. Pretty expensive though less than half of some other resorts. And still cheap compared to hotels in the area.

  2. There truly is a wide range of lodging choices, wow! Enjoy Zion Richard, I need to visit again.