Friday, October 11, 2019

Day 55, 56 - Las Vegas, NV - TT

Thursday - After all those days of 90°+, today’s high of 68°F was nice. Though it was also pretty windy. We got a lot of small tasks done such as replacing a broken string in one of the day/night blinds, putting up more command hooks, fixing several drawer latches, replaced six of the 10w bulbs with 1.2w LED bulbs, and probably a couple more things that I don’t remember. One oddity was four of the 10w bulbs were  controlled by a dimmer. If I replaced all four of the bulbs, the dimmer wouldn’t pass current. So I had to leave one incandescent bulb so that the dimmer would work. It’s a start. There are six fluorescent fixtures each with two F15T8 12v bulbs. On Amazon, the LED replacements are about $11 each. May I’ll wait until next month for those. The Snap-Pads arrived today but I’m thinking of waiting until the next RV park to install them. The instructions say to have a level surface. I also picked up some leveling blocks as the last couple of sites were unlevel enough that tires were off the ground. Not good. I would the manually adjust the jacks to put weight back on the tires. BTW, these were the rear tires.

Friday - A few more maintenance tasks today. I had noticed that the tire shop in Albany didn’t air up the front tires as much as I would have preferred so I dug out the little 12v compressor that I used on our first trip. Airing the tires from 100psi to 110psi took about 15 minutes per tire but I had the time. 110psi seems to be about the max for that little compressor. But that’s probably fine as the max pressure for the G rated rear tires is 110psi cold. The right inside rear tire was also low but that was my fault whom I installed the tire pressure sensor. I didn’t know that there was an extension on the valve stem.

I finally started looking at installing the Progressive Dynamics EMS today. This is a surge protector that also does an analysis of the quality of the shore power. I prefer the wired in units as I may forget the units that plug into the pedestal. To install this between the power spool for the 50amp cable and the generator auto transfer switch, I need to remove the whole spool assembly to get sufficient access. It’ll get installed though probably not today. 

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