Thursday, October 3, 2019

Day 48 - Leeds, UT

Temperatures in the low 80s today here in southern Utah. The small town of Leeds is surrounded by rock ledges and fairly barren landscape but the town itself has a lot of green. I picked up some groceries at the local market. It felt very “small town” until I was able to pay using my watch.

I dug into the battery compartment of the RV to figure out where to install the shunt for the Victron battery monitor. I also saw a couple of other things that need fixing in there. I’ll work on it sometime when I can shut all power down.

We dug out the bikes and rode them around town. It’s a very clean place with some beautiful homes. There is another RV here at the RV park from Alaska. They recently sold their home on the Kenai Peninsula and are now trying to figure out the full-time lifestyle in their 5th wheel. 


  1. you guys are a bit over 300 miles from me, see you next week!