Thursday, October 17, 2019

Day 62 - Page, AZ

The first adventure was Lower Antelope Canyon. I've wanted to see this place ever since I first heard about it. Which was only a few years ago. But until recently, I wasn't sure where it was. Martha and Renee found the tour and booked it for our group. We met there at 8:30 and our group of ten were assigned to Daniel. He was an excellent tour guide and not only explained the features but also stopped periodically to take group pictures within the canyon.

 The slot canyon is about 80' at its deepest point and is pretty narrow at times. There are a number of steel stairs and ladders to negotiate the canyon but it wasn't difficult walking.

What was unusual is that the pictures are much more vibrant than the canyon looked in real life. But the canyon is truly spectacular and well worth the cost of the tour.

We were in the canyon for about an hour and a half and they supplied us with a bottle of water at the end. There is a prohibition on bags of any kind. And it was because tourists were bringing in the ashes of deceased relatives and scattering them within the canyon.

Here is a shot of Dom and Martha emerging from the slot canyon.

We then drove down a little further south to the Horseshoe Bend overlook a few miles south on Hwy 89. It was about a ¾ mile walk out to the overlook from the parking lot. There were hundreds of people at the overlook. Pretty crowded. Antelope Canyon was also pretty crowded and reservations are needed to visit the site. It is on Native American land so you can't just drive out and visit it.