Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Day 74 - Tucson, AZ

This was last nights sunset from the RV park. There were cars racing around the track and this morning there was an airplane doing some aerobatics (is that the right term) but overall it’s pretty quiet. I removed the rear tube from the bicycle wheel and stopped counting at 10 punctures from thorns. I just ordered a couple of inner tubes from Amazon but they won’t be delivered until the end of the month. Maybe Bridget will be able to bring them back when she goes home for a bit in December.

The mobile RV glass repair place showed up around 11:45 and after positioning their work platform, started to loosen the windshield from the rubber. The process is to remove the glass, glue the rubber to the fiberglass cap, then re-install the glass.

This is the upper corner that popped off. It appears that the opening for the windshield was cut too large during manufacturing. Not much material for the gasket. They are going to glue the gasket to the fiberglass before installing the glass. Apparently, that’s not the norm for a “floating” windshield.

Both the windshield channel and the fiberglass channel are filled with a butyl rubber sealant and the windshield is worked back in place. It now needs to sit for 24 hours until the sealant hardens. So slides in and front jacks lowered just enough to touch the ground. They worked on it for over 3 hours straight. Hope the fix works…

They told me to avoid anything that torques the RV. Or go very slowly. Superglass of Tucson came out to the Fairgrounds and did the repair.