Sunday, October 27, 2019

Day 71, 72 - Casa Grande, AZ - TT

No real exploring or touristy activities yesterday or today. A quick trip to Tractor Supply and Walmart to look for a folding camp chair plus some running around on the e-bike. The forecast is for windy conditions on today (Sunday) so the awning was put away and I went ahead and started packing things up. And, we pulled in the living room slide due to the wind as that slide topper shows a lot of wear.

A new problem surfaced today, the upper passenger corner of the windshield popped out. I’ve read that this is not unusual with long diesel pushers with four point levelers. The body twists. I also read that it also happens with uneven road surfaces e.g. boondocking. There is a mobile RV glass business in Quartzite. I left a message with them.

Boondocking challenged is what I call this.  This picture was taken from the rear of the coach. You can see how low the exhaust crossover pipe and the transmission cooler lines are. Granted, this picture is with the air bags deflated. When actually running down the road things are a several inches higher. But things do seem to be hanging low and vulnerable. Especially the transmission cooling lines.

I originally took the picture as I thought there was a problem with the jacks. Since one looked like it was leaning a bit more. It turns out the they are designed to pivot side to side and tend to push outwards at the bottom to provide a more stable platform.

We need to be back in the Phoenix area in December so we may end up at this RV park again if they still have space.

No picture but dinner was at Culver’s. Butter burger on a pretzel roll with cheese curds on the side. Delicious. We also changed our destination and go to Tucson. Probably stay at the Pima county fairgrounds so we can get the windshield fixed. There are several mobile RV windshield repair businesses. 


  1. In the pic you titled boondocking challenged....what is the flat surface that appears to have many cuts/scratches?

    1. That’s the engine oil pan. And it’s peeling paint.