Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Day 46 - Milford, UT

We drove a couple of hours south and stopped at the Milford Lions Club Campground. Free dry camping with a dump station next door at the park and a couple of water spigots to refill your fresh water tank. We are at around 5000’ elevation and it’s supposed to drop below freezing tonight. Not ideal. But the generator has been starting reliably so I should be able to run the block heater tomorrow morning.I did run the generator this evening after cooking dinner for about 45 minutes to charge up the batteries for the night. Running the propane furnaces (yes, two of them) uses a lot of battery power.

It’s not very fancy but the price is right. Between the Thousand Trails, Harvest Hosts, lot-docking and community campgrounds like this, our average nightly rate has been reasonable. The free days will help this coming month with a glamping stay near Zion planned. The front leveling jacks are at their limit in this relatively flat campsite. A definite drawback of a long wheelbase (252”).

Starting tomorrow, we will also be staying near Zion and have family coming by to visit! We are looking forward to that.


Bluekat said...

Stay warm. 😊 This RVing seems complicated at times.

SonjaM said...

Same here when in higher elevations. We even expect to see first snow on the weekend. Enjoy Zion, we have been there several times, and bring back some nice pics.

RichardM said...

Complicated? No, just different. Things that need to be considered are different than moto, bicycle or car camping.

RichardM said...

On today’s drive, we went over 6500’ on a very ordinary road. It didn’t really feel like a “pass” at all. We are down to 3400’ again. Very pleasant temperatures.