Friday, October 4, 2019

Day 49 - Victron Battery Monitor - Leeds, UT

I took advantage of a slow day to install the Victron battery monitor into the DC system. A 500 amp shunt (shown below) is installed in series with the negative side of the battery bank. All current in or out of the battery is measured as well as the voltage. The system also allows you to measure the voltage of a secondary battery which, in our case, is the starting battery. This battery monitor is similar to the Trimetric monitor I installed on the 5th wheel with the added benefit of Bluetooth.

Since I can monitor this using my phone, I just left the battery monitor itself in the battery compartment. May I’ll install it onto a wall later but for now, I’ll just use the phone app. All of the configuration and monitoring can be done through the app. I should’ve installed this a month ago. Who knows how low I’ve been running these batteries.


  1. Yep, definitely want to check this out when we meet....measuring current in/out as opposed to just is the present case in my RV would be nice.

    1. Not only current in/out but you enter in the amp-hour capacity of the battery bank and it shows the state of charge as a percentage.