Monday, October 7, 2019

Day 52 - Las Vegas, NV - TT

This morning, we headed into Las Vegas where we are staying at the local Thousand Trails RV park. It is one of those “pack as many” into the limited real estate. We had a week before heading back to Zion and since it’s a Thousand Trails property, the cost is covered by our membership.

We met up with Scotty, a good friend from my university days. We had recently talked to him about his used RV purchase experience on the phone. He had many excellent suggestions. Some that we weren’t able to follow due to dealer policy.

Our rig is roughly in the middle. We are especially crowded due to the two vehicles. Plus we aren’t quite level due to a slight slope of the site. This is the second time that it’s the drivers rear corner that’s too low. Maybe the Snap-Pads will help. They are due to be delivered on Thursday. 


  1. Replies
    1. That sounds about right. But the price is right, it’s convenient, full hookups including 50 amp for both air conditioners plus the washer. And, the pool was really nice last night.