Monday, October 14, 2019

Day 59 - Zion National Park

Today, we drove into the park around 8:30am. Being a Monday, it was a lot less crowded than when we were here a few weeks ago. I believe that was a Sunday. We met up with Dom & Martha along with her relatives John and Renee at the South Campground. When I had looked at the online reservations for this campground, it said very limited space for large RVs. It looks like we would fit into most of the sites though getting level would have been challenging.

Around 9 we got onto the shuttle bus and rode it to the end of the line to go along the River Trail towards the Narrows. We had no plans on hiking the Narrows as the entire trail is in the water. Someone mentioned that the water was 38°F and is about 30" deep along the trail. Not doing that. As it was, there was a cold breeze and the sun was not shining in the canyon.

We then took the shuttle bus to the Grotto which is also the start of the trail to Angel's Landing. One of these days I'll take that hike. We took the Grotto trail which led down to the lodge at the next shuttle bus stop.

This was also the beginning of the trail to the Lower Emerald Pools. This was another paved trail to an overhang with water dripping down onto the trail. There were some decent views up the canyon along the trail but the emerald pools themselves were a little disappointing. Not very scenic.

The water dripping off of the cliff was looked pretty cool and reminded me of Weeping Rock here at Zion. The trail to Weeping Rock was closed probably for maintenance. It is another paved trail and has some pretty steep sections.

We ended up walking just under six miles for the morning. We headed back to the RV park to check up on the dogs and have lunch. Maybe it's also time to visit the hot tub again.

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