Sunday, October 6, 2019

Day 51 - Zion National Park

Today, we ventured into Zion National Park. By 10am, the parking lots were all full according to the signs. We drove through the park and found parking near some short trails near the east entrance. These were pretty quiet but not desolate. No matter where you went, there were people. This canyon was at the end of one of the trails. The pano below, was taken on the other side of the road.

Zion is a beautiful location but oh so many people! We gave up looking for parking inside of the park and found parallel parking in Springdale. We weren’t shopping for anything specific but just wandering through town. When we were leaving, we got a text message from Dom aka, indicating that he was near the town of Virgin, UT. We had just drove through that town so we turned around and headed to his location for a short visit.


  1. Is it still overcrowded? Ah, the pano reminds me of my last visit. It actually wasn't too bad back then.

  2. Crowds.... (shudder). Zion was one of the places on our list for a visit to national parks in that region when we were considering a US visit before we changed our minds and went to Africa. As I get older, the more I detest crowds!

  3. thanks for the quick visit....looking forward to longer visit times soon. It was good to see Tim again and meet his girl friend.

    1. We were surprised to see that you were in Hurricane. The last we heard was Valley of Fire.

  4. Zion is on my bucket list when we visit the SW. (If we ever get there. Must stop putting it off!) Too bad about the crowds. I prefer more solitude myself, but that’s hard to come by at so many places now.