Friday, November 1, 2019

Day 77 - Tucson, AZ

Hot weather has returned to AZ. The last couple of days had highs in the mid-60s. Not the case anymore. The project of the day was to run the cable for the Victron battery monitor from the battery compartment to the wall next to the refrigerator. The battery compartment is behind the rear wheels and the inside wall was about ten feet forward.

After some exploration, I found a route that starts from the back of the battery compartment and follow the frame forward to the front of the rear inner fender well. I then drilled a hole through the inner fender into the tank compartment. This full width compartment has the fresh water, grey water and black tanks. This compartment is just in front of the rear wheels. The inner fender was steel so I used a rubber grommet to protect the wire. The tank compartment had an opening into the furnace compartment under the refrigerator which had an opening to the inside of the adjacent wall.

I just needed to drill a 2” hole for the display itself. Lacking a hole saw, I drilled about 40 holes just inside a 2” circle. Then dug out the Dremel and soon had a nice, neat 2” hole. It’s just thin paneling. I then I nstalled the meter in the wall. Now I need some small wood screws to put the paneling and trim back. I don’t want to use nails as I may want to get back inside the wall to install something else. Maybe the EMS display.


  1. Replies
    1. The Victron battery monitor does have a nice display. I’ve had it installed for about a month now but the display was in the battery compartment. Since you can access all the information via Bluetooth, there wasn’t an incentive for me to install it inside. But, it does look cool.

  2. Like it better than the trimetric? I see there are a lot RV batt monitors now, and several monitor reviews of the best of. I really to add one to the trailer before the next outing.

    1. Pretty much the same info. I picked this one for the Bluetooth and the built-in logging and graphs. Plus a relay output if I wanted to auto-start the generator. The Magnum inverter also has that feature though I haven’t figured out how to configure it. The Trimetric does have a price advantage and a serial interface. There is a potential to log data but I never found any documentation.