Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Day 17 - Quartzsite, AZ

 We went back into Quartzsite this morning as I wanted to go to the discount grocery store (ahead and on the left). We left with two bags of groceries for under $20 with most items priced at around $1. I even found a container that I can use for the sous vide device as the pans I’ve been using just weren’t quite tall enough. Good prices! At the RV supply tent, I picked up a couple of led bulbs for the reading lights in the bedroom. They had the 4K color temperature bulbs that I’ve been using everywhere else. I also picked up a replacement 12vdc accessory plug. The one on the air compressor fell apart.

After the marketplace, we stopped at the Hi Jolly Cemetery where there is a monument to the U.S. Army camel herder Hi Jolly aka Hadji Ali aka Philip Tedro where the use of camels was an experiment. After the Camel Corp was disbanded, Hi Jolly returned to Quartzsite as a civilian.

Yesterday, I received a call from RWC Group in Tucson. It appears that they left the engine diagnostic cable plugged into the connector under the dash. The shop foreman, who was the one I communicated with the most, was driving through Quartzsite yesterday evening so I was able to meet him at the Pilot gas station.

This is the container that I picked up at the discount grocery store. I used the Dremel to cut a circular opening in the lid of the container to fit the sous vide appliance. The lid will be used to keep evaporation to a minimum. The problem will be that the sous vide device will need to be shut off after heating the water up to temperature to get the food into the hot water.

The mural below was on the back of a building in Ajo. We stayed there a several days ago. It’s unrelated to the rest of this post.