Saturday, November 2, 2019

Day 78 - Avondale, AZ

This morning, we drove to a park near Avondale, AZ, for a meetup with a family that I follow on YouTube. Michael and Laine from Loftis Party of Six, travel full time in their diesel pusher with four kids. Pretty ambitious. They had also recently transitioned from a 5th wheel to a diesel pusher. An interesting change given the size of their family. I had a few questions for Michael as their rig also has a Cat C7, is about the same year, and they had similar overheating issues. The good news is that, once fixed, the engine temperature never budges from 190°F no matter what the grade.

We met several other full-time and part-time couples at the meetup. What we thought was unusual was that all of the full-time couples had younger kids. One bit of advice we received was to apply for a media pass at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

We stopped at Cracker Barrel on the way back for a late lunch/early dinner and returned to the fairgrounds shortly after 4pm. The Prius makes trips like this possible. Easy to drive and fairly economical.


  1. What was or is the fix for the C7?

    1. The final fix for his C7 is different. They initially replaced the thermostats and flushed the radiator. Then replaced the water pump. These didn’t fix their overheating issue. The radiator was pulled out and the entire back side was caked with oily dirt. Their RV has a rear radiator and the crankcase vent is around the middle of the engine. Blow by accumulating on the rear radiator collects dirt. Their solution was to scrape off all the gunk and clean out the fins.

      Ours has a side radiator and pulls air from the outside into the engine compartment. The rear radiator rigs push air from the engine compartment out the back.

      So I’m hoping that changing the thermostats or possibly the water pump is the solution. I just need to find a place that can do the work.