Saturday, November 23, 2019

Day 14 - Organ Pipe Cactus Natl’ Monument

We left the RV at the rv park in Ajo, AZ, and drove south about 35 miles to the Kris Eggle Visitors Center. After getting the National Park Passport book stamped, we went for a walk on a trail to the park campground. Lots of saguaro and cholla cactus but the organ pipe cactus were higher up on the hills.

At the visitors center, they said that this was the northern limit for the organ pipe cactus. This national monument has been designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. According to Wikipedia, a biosphere reserve is:

Biosphere reserves are ‘Science for Sustainability support sites’ – special places for testing interdisciplinary approaches to understanding and managing changes and interactions between social and ecological systems, including conflict prevention and management of biodiversity.

It was a nice walk and we returned along the road as there was very little traffic. According to signs in the campground, the RV size limit is 40’ so, theoretically, we are too long. I don’t think it would matter too much but the roads within the campground are really narrow.

After our hike, we headed back to Ajo and had to go through a border patrol checkpoint. The agent asked us why we had an extension cord hanging out the front of the car. I’m guessing that he doesn’t spend much time in cold climates.

Anyway, from here we are heading to Quartzsite to see how this rig does boondocking. And we can measure how much battery power we use on average. 


  1. Funny, that the border agent didn't know about the functionality of the extension cord.