Monday, November 4, 2019

Day 80 - Benson, AZ - TT

We had a short drive to the Valley Vista RV Park which is an Encore Resort that we have access to with our Thousand Trails camping pass plus Trails Collection. We stayed here two times last year and it’s a nice place. This time we paid a daily fee for a 50 amp connection and we have a nice drive through site near the dog park.

On the way here, we stopped at a Freightliner shop as they said they could look at the overheating problem. Instead of simply changing the coolant and the thermostats like I wanted, they wanted to do a diagnosis which would be around $500 for the technician time. It didn’t feel right. 


  1. Yeah, that $500 "diagnosis" charge sounds a bit sketchy.

    1. He said about an hour and a half w/two techs. That’s a lot of time (and $).

  2. The cost don't sound right in so many ways. In Germany they would charge between 20 to 50 bucks for a technician, and this would be about half an hour of his time.