Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Fairbanks, AK

Welcome to Fairbanks! At least it was warm enough that my truck started and ran even though it still has summer fuel in the tank. I put in 8 oz of anti-gel and drove to the nearest diesel station and filled the tank about half way. I later added another 8 oz of anti-gel before driving back home. I don’t think that there was very much fuel in the tank but hopefully it’s mixed up enough with the winter blend fuel.

I barely got out of the driveway this morning as there was over a foot of snow. This evening, after having dinner with my youngest son, I dug out the snowblower and tackled the driveway. It had a hard time with all the heavy snow and you really had to muscle it up the driveway.

But got everything done that was on today’s list. Tomorrow’s list is shorter. 

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