Monday, November 18, 2019

Day 9 - Tucson, AZ

We were originally planning to stay at either a diner parking lot or a casino tonight before taking the coach to a shop tomorrow morning. The casino that allows free parking is south of Tucson so we headed for the diner I found on AllStays. The diner was closed with “For Sale” signs so we opted not to stay there though there were several trucks in the parking lot. Instead of the casino, we opted to just go back to the Pima County Fairgrounds which was only a couple of miles down the road. The Escapee’s discount was 15% making the full hookup cost $25.50. We would probably spend almost that much in diesel running the generator to be able to operate the A/C. Yeah, I’m spoiled. It’s 83°F and feels really hot.

We are in a different section than we were last time. I think this is a more transient area so it’s a much more open parking lot type of area. Still, it has 50amp power. And our site is once again close to the dog park. An amenity that we didn’t use at all the last time we were here since it would’ve been quite a walk. The only thing on “the schedule” for today was picking up some stuff at the pet store and a few groceries.

I used the sous vide gadget again with boneless, skinless chicken thighs. 148°F for 2 hours. Very tender and juicy. Perfect for a salad. 


  1. 83 degrees sounds lovely....I think the high today where I am is 71 degrees so nice also.

    1. 83°F in the shade was fine but in direct sunshine it felt really hot!